Prominent Updates on the 111t Day of the Ongoing Israeli Aggression on Gaza Featured

New Massacres and Resistance Operations

On the 111th day of the Israeli war on Gaza, the Israeli army committed new massacres against civilians, resulting in the deaths of many people. The resistance factions also announced new operations against the occupation forces, killing and injuring Israeli soldiers.

Anticipation for International Court Ruling

There is anticipation for the ruling that is expected to be issued by the International Court of Justice in the lawsuit filed by South Africa against Israel, accusing it of committing genocide in Gaza. Palestinians hope for a fair ruling, while Israel expects the court to reject the lawsuit.

Number of Casualties

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that the toll of the Israeli aggression had risen to more than 25,900 deaths and 64,110 injuries since October last year. The Israeli occupation committed 21 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip in the past 24 hours.

American Efforts for Prisoner Exchange

The White House stated that Washington is trying to renew the prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Israel. President Joe Biden emphasized the need for Israel to minimize humanitarian losses in Gaza and avoid targeting UN facilities.

Resistance Achievements

Abu Ubaida, the military spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, announced that their fighters successfully eliminated Israeli soldiers and destroyed military vehicles and equipment. They also blew up houses and tunnels used by the occupation forces.

New American Arms Shipment

A new shipment of American weapons, including fighters and helicopters, arrived in Israel.

Sanctions against Houthi Officials

Britain and the United States imposed sanctions on four Houthi officials in Yemen for organizing attacks on ships in the Red Sea.

Publication of Netanyahu's Statements

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statements against Qatar were published, causing controversy and denouncement from Qatar and the Association of Prisoners' Families.

Massacre in Gaza City

Hamas denounced the massacre committed by the Israeli occupation forces against civilians in Gaza City, calling it a horrific war crime. The movement urged the United Nations to take action and hold the perpetrators accountable.

Israel's Threat to Lebanon

Israel renewed its threat to launch a military strike against Lebanon if Hezbollah does not withdraw from the border with northern Israel.

Awaited International Court Decision

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is discussing possible scenarios with ministers and advisors in preparation for the expected decision by the International Court of Justice regarding the case accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza.

Warnings of Unrest in the West Bank

Israeli security officials warned of a potential "third intifada" in the West Bank due to the decision to prevent Palestinians from entering Israel for work.