Prominent Updates on the 105th Day of the Ongoing Israeli Aggression on Gaza Featured


Qassam Operations

On the 105th day of the war on Gaza, the Al-Qassam Brigades, which is the military wing of Hamas, announced that they carried out operations against Israeli soldiers and destroyed tanks in different areas of the Gaza Strip.

In one operation, they sniped two Israeli soldiers and destroyed three tanks using strobe charges. They also targeted another tank with two soldiers inside and killed them using an Al-Yassin 105 shell.

In Gaza City, the Brigades targeted an Israeli force barricaded in a building, killing and injuring its members. They also attacked a building where occupation soldiers were hiding and shot a soldier directly.

In a separate operation, they lured an Israeli force into a tunnel opening and blew it up, causing direct hits on the soldiers. They also clashed with Israeli special forces, targeted a tank with anti-tank missiles, and bombed crowds of occupation forces.

In the northern Gaza Strip, Hamas targeted an Israeli force and detonated a stun device, resulting in casualties among the soldiers.

Proposals for an Exchange Deal

Regarding the issue of prisoners, there are new proposals being presented to release Israeli detainees held by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza. However, reaching an agreement is still far away as the two sides have different positions.

The latest proposals include releasing prisoners in exchange for stopping the fighting. There is also a proposal to release all Israeli and American prisoners, with reservations about those who served in the Israeli army.

French President Emmanuel Macron stated that France is working with Qatar to release the prisoners detained in Gaza.

Complaints against Herzog

The Swiss Attorney General's Office has received criminal complaints against Israeli President Isaac Herzog during his participation in the World Economic Forum in Davos. The office is currently clarifying its legal position and considering the complaints.

A human rights legal group in Switzerland has also submitted reports against Herzog, stating that immunity can be lifted in certain circumstances, such as crimes against humanity.

On the other hand, the Israeli President's Office confirmed that Herzog participated in the Davos Forum as scheduled.

Israeli Attacks and Palestinian Casualties

According to Israeli media reports, there have been criminal complaints filed against Herzog, which his office believes are an attempt to damage Israel's reputation.

In the West Bank, a Palestinian boy with American citizenship was shot and killed by Israeli forces. Another young Palestinian man was injured in a separate incident. The Israeli occupation forces also conducted raids in several villages, resulting in attacks on Palestinians.

Confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli forces also took place in other areas of the West Bank, including Nablus. The Israeli army has arrested over 6,000 people in the West Bank since the start of the aggression.

The Israeli military operation in Tulkarm has ended after 45 hours, during which they searched buildings and arrested dozens of people.

Hezbollah's Actions and Israeli Strikes in Lebanon

Hezbollah announced that they carried out operations against Israeli forces and sites. In response, Israel launched airstrikes in southern Lebanon and intercepted a drone in Acre's skies.

Hezbollah targeted several locations in the occupied Shebaa Farms and bombed an Israeli gathering. Israeli fighters conducted raids in various towns in southern Lebanon.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant visited the northern front and stated that Israel does not want escalation with Hezbollah but is prepared to use force to protect Israeli citizens.

According to The Washington Post, Israel threatened to escalate its fight with Hezbollah if an agreement was not reached soon.

American Bombing in Yemen

In Yemen, the Houthi group reported that the city of Hodeidah was bombed by the United States and the United Kingdom. The Houthis claimed to have targeted an American ship in the Gulf of Aden, but the US military denied the hit.


Arab Demonstrations against Israeli Aggression

Tens of thousands of people across Arab cities demonstrated against the Israeli war on Gaza, demanding an end to the aggression and the entry of humanitarian aid. They also condemned American collusion with Israel.

In Yemen, thousands of Yemenis gathered in Sabeen Square to denounce the Israeli war on Gaza and show solidarity with the Palestinian people. Similar demonstrations took place in Taiz, Jordan, Baghdad, and several cities in Morocco.

Sources:   Agencies