Abu Ubaida: Gaza is the World's Gateway to Dignity and Freedom Featured

By Gamal Khattab November 20, 2023 1257

Greetings to the People
Abu Ubaida started by sending greetings to the people of Gaza. He called Gaza the "world's gateway to dignity and freedom." That means they are still strong and brave, and they teach the world about being heroes and standing up for what's right.
He also gave a shoutout to the people in the West Bank who are facing challenges from the Zionist Nazism. He called them heroic fighters who are standing up against injustice.
Jihadist Actions
Next, Abu Ubaida talked about the actions of the mujahideen, who are the fighters for their cause. He said that in the past 72 hours, they were able to target 60 Zionist military vehicles.
They used different weapons like shells and bombs to attack the enemy in different neighborhoods. They fought in places like Al-Zaytoun, Sheikh Radwan, Al-Tawam, and Beit Lahia.
Fierce Clashes
Abu Ubaida ended his speech by saying that the mujahideen are still fighting hard in all these areas. They have carried out specific operations that resulted in the enemy soldiers getting killed.