Kuwaiti Lawmakers... Al-Aqsa Flood ignites national pride and glory Featured

Representatives of the Kuwaiti parliament responded to the Al-Aqsa Flood operation, stressing that it is an operation that revives the nation again.

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Muhammad Al-Mutair, said, “The circles revolve around the oppressor, a phrase that summarizes the scene of the Al-Aqsa flood... a process that revives in the nation the spirit of pride and honor and dissatisfaction with humiliation and indignity.”

Representative Marzouq Al-Ghanem said: “The Palestine issue will not die because it is a belief in the heart of every Muslim. Have you heard or read that a belief that a thousand million people carry in their hearts can die? People die for the sake of faith. Whoever believes that Palestine is not his issue must review himself and his belief.”

Representative Prof. Dr. Hamad Al-Matar said: In the past few weeks, the Zionists have committed crimes equal to what they have done in the entire history of their occupation of our occupied lands. They stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque, assaulted the worshipers, insulted, and beat the pure worshipers with the most violent means, and indiscriminately killed the men, women and children who participated in the demonstrations to protect Al-Aqsa Mosque.” He added: Restoring the dignity of Al-Aqsa Mosque and supporting our religion is recorded today by the Mujahideen of Gaza.

Representative Osama Al-Shaheen said: If this was the action of activists besieged in Palestine, how would they have done it if Muslim governments had supported them? The Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood is now taking place on a large scale in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem, inflicting heavy losses on the Zionist occupation.

Representative Khaled Munis Al-Otaibi said: The Palestine resistance is writing a new history that demolishes calls to surrender to the enemy, demolishes theories of submission, and revives hope for a tomorrow that is not governed by fait accompli politics. He recited the noble verse: “Enter upon them by the gate, for when you have entered it you shall surely be victorious.”

Representative Abdulaziz Al-Saqabi said after he recited the noble verse, Those who do wrong will come to know by what a (great) reverse they will be overturned!” History proves that injustice and tyranny will one day turn against its owner.

Representative Hamad Al-Madlij said after reciting the noble verse: “ Then when the final promise came, [We sent your enemies] to sadden your faces and to enter the temple in Jerusalem, as they entered it the first time.” It is an established belief for every Muslim to be loyal and victorious to whoever defends Al-Aqsa.

 Representative Abdul Hadi Al-Ajmi said, “Our readings of history have always proven that resistant peoples win, even after a while.”

Representative Muhammad Al-Raqib said: These are the youth of the nation. In a few hours, they restored the prestige of Islam and the pride of Muslims. He called on God to protect them and grant them victory.

 Representative Shuaib Shaaban said that the Al-Aqsa flood is sweeping the Zionist entity and imposing a new reality on the world. A reality that does not know submission to the occupier and does not accept surrender to the veto of the enemies of humanity. Then he repeated the noble verse," Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory."

Representative Jarrah Al-Fawzan said after repeating the holy verse, Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people., What the Palestinian resistance did in the face of Zionist tyranny, is a recording of a new phase in the history of resistance against the Zionist occupier.  

Former MP Mohammed Al-Dalal said: Those who normalize with the Zionists and those who seek to support him are in a very critical situation!

 Representative Osama Al-Zaid gave the Palestinian resistance a great salute for proving to the world that the Zionist usurper is an entity of ashes... standing behind major countries that provide it with all their power, in contrast to the defenseless Palestinian people who stand alone, supported only by God and those on their right side must perform miracles.