Rocket reportedly fired from Lebanon towards "Israel"

By Agencies July 06, 2023 5103

Lebanese security sources on Thursday said unknown militants had fired at least one rocket from southern Lebanon towards Israel.

The anonymous sources told Anadolu that the firing location of the rocket has not been yet identified but their preliminary information indicates it landed in the "occupied Palestinian territories," in reference to Israel.

The sources added that Israeli forces responded by firing two shells toward the village of Majidieh near the border with Israel.

The Lebanese army deployed in Kafrchouba, southern Lebanon, to search for the rocket launcher platform, Anadolu has learned.

The Israeli army, for its part, denied that it had fired any rockets into Israeli territory, claiming instead that the blast came from an old landmine on the Lebanese side of the border.

In May 2000, the Israeli army announced its withdrawal from most areas of southern Lebanon after two decades of occupation.

However, it still maintains its occupation of a small area claimed by Lebanon known as the Shebaa Farms./AA