Besieged Gaza recalls 2008 Israeli aggression Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 28, 2022 15365

1,400 martyrs, 5,400 wounded, 21,000 demolished homes

14 years ago, on such days, in 2008, a small sector of the Palestinian homeland, whose area does not exceed 1.33% of the area of Palestine, inhabited by more than two million people, was subjected to heinous Israeli aggression. One of the most powerful armies in the world brutally and barbarously attacked, with all kinds of weapons, more than two million civilians, two-thirds of whom are women and children.

The barbaric cruel aggression lasted 23 days. Civilians are being brutally and violently bombed around the clock with all kinds of weapons, and the world is watching and not moving! Civilians whose homes are demolished at the height of winter, and the world sees their displacement in the height of the bitter cold live on air and does not move a finger!

More than 1,400 innocent civilians were killed as a result of the terrible, barbaric aggression on Gaza, including roughly 410 children, 104 women, and about 100 elderly persons. More than 5,400 additional people were severely hurt by the aggression, most of them became incapacitated. Half of these victims were children.

According to the "Tawtheeq" institution (governmental); In that aggression, the occupation completely demolished more than 4,100 homes, and 17,000 homes were partially demolished.

The economic war losses in the Gaza Strip amounted to more than one billion US dollars, according to the "Tawtheeq" institution.

The Gaza Strip continues to suffer from all kinds of political, economic and media blockades since 2006. When can the world move to save 2 million civilians. 2 million civilians sleep and wake up to the sounds of Israeli bombs and missiles?

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