Government Commissioner Admits Election Fraud in Pakistan

By Gamal Khattab February 18, 2024 1301

Government Commissioner Confesses to Rigging Elections

There's been a shocking revelation in Pakistan as a government commissioner confessed to falsifying the results of the general elections held on February 8. Liaquat Ali Chatha, the commissioner in Rawalpindi, admitted to manipulating the election results under his supervision.

Protests Erupt Against Election Fraud

Following the admission of election fraud, protests erupted in various Pakistani cities against the manipulation that occurred during the elections. Supporters of Imran Khan demanded a recount to ensure the accuracy of the results and uphold their right to win more seats.

Commissioner Takes Responsibility

Chatha publicly announced his resignation and demanded punishment for all involved in the fraud. He admitted to submitting fraudulent ballot papers to make independent candidates lose, and expressed deep regret for his actions.

Investigations Underway

The Election Commission of Pakistan denied issuing any instructions to change the election results but promised to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. The interim Punjab Chief Minister also ordered an impartial investigation into Chatha's allegations.

Political Bombshell by Fazlur Rahman

Maulana Fazlur Rahman, the Emir of the Pakistani Islamic Scholars Association, made a surprising revelation about the overthrow of Imran Khan from power in 2022. He disclosed that the move was based on directives from the Army Commander at the time, General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

Parliament Loses Credibility

Fazlur Rahman expressed concerns about the credibility of Parliament and hinted at upcoming protests against the election results. He criticized the PML-N party for benefiting from the election fraud and suggested that decisions will now be made in the streets rather than in Parliament.

Source: Al Jazeera