Turkish FM Fidan: Breaking the Siege of Gaza Requires a Unified Islamic Position Featured

By Gamal Khattab November 19, 2023 133



 Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan recently spoke about his country's efforts to stop the war and provide aid to the Gaza Strip. He emphasized the need for a unified Arab-Islamic position to break the siege imposed by the occupation on the Strip. Fidan believes that individual actions will not achieve the desired results and that a collective stance is necessary.

The Importance of the Arab-Islamic Summit

Fidan highlighted the significance of the recent Arab-Islamic Summit held in Riyadh. He stated that this summit represents an important transformation for the Palestinian issue. However, he emphasized that activating the decisions made at the summit requires a collective effort from all countries involved.

Changing Relations with Israel

Fidan mentioned that Turkey can sever relations with Israel, as it has done in the past. However, he believes that the current situation requires a collective severing of relations and pressure from all Islamic countries. He also stated that relations with Israel will never be the same as they were before the last war. Ankara's previous rapprochement with Tel Aviv was part of a normalization movement in the region, but now, resolving the Palestine issue is crucial for any normalization to occur.

The Two-State Solution and the Consequences of Failure

Fidan stressed the importance of reaching a two-state solution for dealing with Israel. He believes that it is not possible to have normal relations with Israel after the loss of many lives in Gaza. Fidan warned that without a two-state solution, the region will face more wars in the future.

Efforts to Break the Siege

Fidan mentioned that there are diplomatic movements with international parties to end the siege and stop the Israeli killings. He also confirmed the existence of undeclared movements. However, breaking the siege by force requires the cooperation of all countries, which has not been achieved yet. Egypt is doing its best to bring aid, but coordination with Israel is currently suspended. Fidan expressed hope that the meetings of the Seven-Year Committee, formed by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, would result in important decisions to be implemented.

The Western Position and the Need for a Collective Stance

Fidan criticized the acceptance of injustice and killing by the West regarding the situation in Gaza. He believes that this acceptance will have significant repercussions on the Islamic world's position with the United States and the West. Fidan also mentioned the possibility of forming an alliance of anti-Israel countries, led by Turkey, but emphasized the need for participation from other countries as well.

Meeting with US Secretary of State

Fidan discussed his meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. He expressed Turkey's desire to stop the war immediately and permanently and to provide aid to Gaza. However, they did not reach an agreement because the US strongly supports Israel in continuing the war. Fidan mentioned that Blinken showed responsiveness regarding aid, but they refuse to stop the fighting. He warned that if America continues its support and silence about the killing, the world will face a greater crisis.

The Future of Gaza and Hamas

Fidan refused to discuss the future of Gaza after the war, stating that the focus should be on stopping the fighting and initiating a two-state solution. He believes that Gaza's problem is not a management issue but rather the problem of occupation that destroys everything in the Strip. Regarding the future of Hamas, Fidan emphasized that it is a liberation movement, not a terrorist one. He stated that once the conflict is resolved, Hamas will be part of political life like any other party.

Qatar's Efforts

Fidan praised Qatar's incredible efforts during the current crisis. He mentioned that Doha played a crucial role in mediating between Hamas and Israel. Turkey is in constant communication with Qatar and supports all its efforts.

Support for Gaza

Fidan assured that the people of Gaza are not alone, and that Turkey will continue to work and provide treatment for the wounded. He also mentioned that the shedding of innocent blood has mobilized many countries against injustice and Western imperialism, pushing them to take action against Israel internationally.

Source: Aljazeera