"Mohammed" becomes the most popular name for male babies in Berlin Featured

By Agencies May 14, 2023 3434

  Mohammed topped the most popular male names for newborns in Germany, achieving number one in Berlin in 2022, and 20th in the whole of Germany.   Not all names are allowed in Germany as it is forbidden to register any name that may cause the owner a psychological problem in the future or become the object of ridicule by his peers.

Europe is witnessing a shift not only in the appearance of life but also in the most popular names due to the increasing proportion of people with a migrant background living in it. With the increasing number of migrants in Europe and the recent influx of refugees, some names are more common than ever.

"Mohammed" in first place

The name Muhammad ranks first among the most popular names for newborns in Berlin. According to the German newspaper "Tagesspiegel", the German Language Association announced that "Muhammad" preceded names that have long been on the list, such as Noah and Adam.

According to the German newspaper, this is about male births, while the name Sofia took the first place for girls in the German capital Berlin, ahead of other names such as Emilia and Emma.

2758 children born in 2022 named after Muhammad (Shutterstock).

Noah's Most Popular

The German association's statement says Noah's name is still the most popular name for newborns throughout Germany.

According to the German newspaper "Die Zeit", which also published on the subject, the basis of the annual lists of names is data from more than 750 birth registration offices across Germany.