China claim Uyghurs 'happiest Muslims in world'; evidence point to genocide Featured

New York [US] (ANI): The world is slowly waking up to the scathing realities of China, especially its crimes against humanity of the ethnic minority group Uyghur, whom Chinese Communist Party officials claim are the "happiest Muslims in the world."

However, evidence of the human tragedy unfolding in Xinjiang province in northwest China point out that the amount of human depredation is at par with North Korean totalitarianism and South African apartheid, according to a report in the National Review. The author Jimmy Quinn says new reports and fresh evidence have even led to comparisons to the Holocaust.

Approximately, over a million Uyghurs and other members, are estimated to have been detained while a total of 3 million people to have been swept up in various "reeducation" and "vocational training" facilities.

"Beijing, which charges these people with bogus crimes, claims that it is stamping out extremism, however, under the shroud of its true aim, it is solidifying Han Chinese dominance over Xinjiang," the National Review report said.

Beijing's sophisticated disinformation efforts and its investments in other countries have granted it near-impunity to act against the Uyghurs, it added.

Researchers and journalists, who worked on the issue have called it "cultural genocide," a term that carries a "blistering significance." This term also unmasks CCP's intent to wipe out Uyghur culture and traditions.

Earlier in June, Adrian Zenz, the German anthropologist came forward with a groundbreaking study on forced birth control in Xinjiang mass-detention camps.

When Zenz's study on forced birth control came out in June, official media had vilified him and said Beijing is "considering suing" him for libel, while the foreign ministry denounced him.

Hospitals in Xinjiang have been forced to abort and kill babies born in excess of family planning limits, Radio Free Asia reported citing an Uyghur obstetrician who worked in multiple hospitals in China's northwest province.

"Break their lineage, break their roots, break their connections, and break their origins," CCP religious-affairs official was quoted as saying by the Nation Review in an article published in 2019.

And that not even it, what is more, astounding is "Beijing's sophisticated disinformation efforts and its investments in other countries have granted it near-impunity to act against the Uyghurs."

"The CCP has achieved the remarkable feat of not just convincing other countries to turn a blind eye but even pressuring many to endorse its actions. At the U.N. Human Rights Council, 46 countries praised the Xinjiang detention drive in the immediate wake of the forced-sterilization report, congratulating Beijing for its "remarkable achievements" and its work to fight terrorism. Many of the 46 are developing countries in Africa and the Middle East that have received significant Chinese investment and believe Beijing's narrative about extremism," Nation Review said.

According to a latest report, Chinese President Xi Jinping uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tighten his government's totalitarian control and is exporting the technology to other countries across the world.

Xi wants to build an all-seeing digital system of social control, patrolled by precog algorithms that could identify potential dissenters in real-time. While China has already installed hundreds of millions of cameras in place, the Chinese government hopes to soon achieve the full video coverage of key public areas, writes Ross Andersen, a deputy editor of The Atlantic.

Every person who enters a public space in the future can be instantly identified by AI, matching them with their personal data, including their every text communication, and their body's one-of-a-kind protein-construction schema.

"In time, algorithms will be able to string together data points from a broad range of sources -- travel records, friends and associates, reading habits, purchases -- to predict political resistance before it happens," Andersen added.

Amid the grave situation surrounding the Uyghurs, activists around the world have urged the current US administration to bring forth the tales of survivors such as Mihrigul Tursun.

In 2018, Tursun testified in the Congressional-Executive Committee on China, saying: "Please take an action against the Chinese officials responsible for my torture, and the death of my little boy, and the deaths of so many innocent Uyghurs in the camps." (ANI)