Turkey slams Charlie Hebdo for anti-Muslim cartoons


Turkey on Wednesday strongly condemned the Charlie Hebdo magazine for republishing cartoons insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

In a statement, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said it is not possible to justify this insult and disrespect toward Muslims by saying it is freedom of the press, art or expression.

Aksoy said the attitude of the French authorities, especially President Emmanuel Macron, to dismiss the incident under the pretext of freedom of expression is also "unacceptable".

“At every opportunity, those who define themselves as democrat and liberal are serving the new generation of fascists and racists in France and Europe by using such racist and discriminatory actions that increase anti-Islamism and xenophobia,” he said.

Aksoy said this "pathetic mentality," which attempts to otherize millions of Muslims living in peace deals a blow to social harmony, unity and equality every day.

"Those who are unconsciously doing this should be aware that they are harming societal peace," he added.

Turkey urged politicians and European allies to take a clear stand against such attacks which are on the rise and hurt Muslim sentiments, he concluded./aa