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  Poland's Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, believes that Russia and Belarus are working together to create chaos on the border between Poland and Belarus. They want to make things difficult for Poland and the European Union (EU).

Attacks on the Border

According to Morawiecki, Poland has been dealing with attacks on its eastern border for more than two years now. To make matters worse, the number of these attacks has been increasing. Poland is worried about the safety of its people, so they are sending 10,000 troops to the border area to protect it.

Using Migrants as Weapons

Here's where things get really concerning. The Prime Minister believes that Russia and Belarus are using migrants as a way to harm Poland. They are manipulating these people and making them cross the border illegally. In fact, there have been 16,000 attempts to do so in 2023 alone!

Accusations and Denials

Poland has been dealing with waves of migrants coming from Belarus since the summer of 2021. The Polish government says that Belarus is organizing these illegal crossings, but Belarus denies it.

The Threat of Wagner

Morawiecki also mentioned a group called Wagner, which is a Russian mercenary group. He believes that over a hundred of these mercenaries are heading towards the Polish border. This is really concerning because they could pretend to be Belarusian border guards and help illegal migrants enter Poland. They could even train these migrants to cause trouble and attack Polish services.

A Call for Unity

The Prime Minister wants everyone to know that this situation is a threat to Poland and the unity of European countries. He believes that Russia and Belarus are trying to destabilize Poland and cause problems. It's important for Poland and its allies to stay strong and work together to overcome this challenge.

Libya has for the first time in the country's history given domestic private companies the opportunity to invest in the field of oil production, Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) said Sunday.

NOC’s Board of Directors called on private Libyan companies to invest in the field as part of the strategy of "increasing oil production and developing small oil fields,” according to the statement.

A tender will be opened for the receipt of investment proposals, and after the technical evaluation of the proposals, they will be sent to the NOC for approval, NOC said.

Libyan economist Ali ez-Zilitni told Anadolu that previously, domestic private companies were involved only in drilling, transportation and other logistics fields, but with this decision they can also participate in oil production, and this is “a major transformation” for the Libyan oil sector.

He said this field will emerge from the monopoly of international energy giants with the involvement of domestic private companies in oil and gas production.

Libya was exempted from the decision of OPEC+ countries to reduce oil production.

Israel's people still protest against the government's plan to change the judicial system. This has been going on for 32 weeks now! Can you believe it?
Over the weekend, tens of thousands of people came together in cities like Tel Aviv, West Jerusalem, Haifa, Beersheba, Herzliya, and Rehovot to show their opposition to the government's plans.

Biggest Protest in Tel Aviv
As always, the biggest protest happened in Tel Aviv. People gathered in front of the Government Complex on Kaplan Street and made speeches to express their concerns about the changes.

The protest leaders accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of trying to weaken the rule of law and maybe even causing a constitutional crisis. They really want to protect democracy!

During the demonstrations, people waved Israeli flags, chanted slogans supporting democracy, and used drums, whistles, and air horns to make some noise and create a rhythm.

What's This Judicial Reform About?
The Justice Minister, Yariv Levin, announced a plan to change the judicial system on January 5th. This plan included things like reducing the Supreme Court's powers and giving the government more control over who becomes a judge.

Netanyahu, the Prime Minister, said in March that he would delay the reform because of all the protests and strikes happening. But he also mentioned that the government would bring it back after the budget was approved in late May.

Since the government couldn't reach an agreement with the opposition, they recently started the reform process again. As part of this, they want to pass a bill in parliament to remove the Supreme Court's oversight of the government.

Opposition from Various Groups
Many people are not happy with these plans. In fact, thousands of Israelis, including war pilots, submarine officers, and other elite units, have decided to resign from their voluntary reserve service in protest.

Even Defense Minister Yoav Gallant is working to postpone the bill because of the reactions from these reserve soldiers. Lots of important people from politics, the military, security, economy, and the judiciary have also spoken out against the reform plans.

By: Gamal Khattab 

Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan made a bold claim that the United States, with the help of the army, orchestrated his removal from power. He even waved a paper at public rallies, claiming it was a diplomatic cable that proved his allegations. The leaked cable, now made public, revealed that the US was unhappy with Khan's visit to Russia during the Ukraine crisis. This revelation seemed to confirm Khan's suspicions.

A Veiled Threat
The leaked cable also contained a veiled threat from the US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia. He hinted that if the no-confidence vote against Khan succeeded, all would be forgiven in Washington. This suggested that the US had a hand in Khan's removal and that his presence in Moscow during the Ukraine crisis had caused tension.

Army's Role
It appears that the army had already decided to remove Khan even before the leaked cable reached him. The opposition quickly moved a no-confidence motion, leading to Khan's removal. Once Khan was gone, the Pakistan army started providing military support to Ukraine, and in return, the US signed a military pact with Pakistan.

Imran Khan's Fate
Imran Khan now finds himself in Attock jail, wondering when he will be able to get out. There are other cases against him that the army could use, making it difficult for him to compromise. However, fortunes can change quickly, so it's uncertain what the future holds for Khan.

The US Influence
The US has been a dominant force in Pakistan, with significant economic and military influence. Pakistan relies on the US for exports, financial support, and diplomatic assistance in dealing with India. This dependency makes it challenging for Khan to navigate the competing interests of the US and China.

No Easy Way Out
Given the circumstances, it seems unlikely that Imran Khan will be released from jail anytime soon. He may have to face the consequences of his actions, and there are no guarantees of a quick resolution. The situation serves as a reminder that in this part of the world, fortunes can change rapidly, and today's leaders may become tomorrow's prisoners.

Hindu Far-Right Groups Call for Economic Boycott
In India's Haryana state, there has been a rise in calls from Hindu far-right organizations to boycott Muslim businesses and keep Muslims out of villages. This comes after deadly communal violence broke out in the state, causing tensions between different religious groups.

Violence Erupts in Nuh District
The violence started in Nuh district on July 31 during a religious procession organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. The procession was reportedly attacked, resulting in the deaths of six people, including two security guards. The clashes quickly spread to other districts, with a mosque being set on fire in Gurugram and the deputy imam being killed.

Protests and Boycott Ultimatums
Following the violence, various Hindu groups organized protests. During one demonstration in Nuh, a speaker from the Hindu far-right group Bajrang Dal gave an ultimatum to local businesses. He demanded that they fire any Muslim employees or face a boycott. This ultimatum was met with support from hundreds of followers.

Concerns Over Structural Violence
Lawyer Shahrukh Alam, who has challenged hate speech in court, believes that the economic boycott calls against Muslims are part of a pattern of structural violence against them. He argues that these demands violate the rights guaranteed to all citizens in the Indian Constitution and promote discrimination.

Legal Action and Protests
Police officials have registered cases against those promoting enmity between different groups and rioting. However, concerns have been raised about the lack of action from the police during these protests. In April 2023, the Supreme Court ordered states to register incidents of hate speech without waiting for complaints to be filed.

Support for Boycotts and Unconstitutional Actions
More than 50 village governing bodies in Haryana have issued statements banning the entry of Muslim traders in their areas. These statements have received support from prominent right-wing influencers. However, legal experts argue that these actions are against the law and undermine the integrity and equality promised in the Indian Constitution.

Legal Petition and Farmer Protests
Lawyer Kapil Sibal has filed a petition with the Supreme Court against the calls for economic boycotts of Muslims. Additionally, farmers in Hisar district gathered to protest against the unconstitutional letters banning Muslim traders. Leaders from various religions were invited to discuss the situation and advocate for peace.

Source: Aljazeera

Have you ever wondered why some societies separate men and women?

In an Islamic context, separating genders is based on the idea of modesty and maintaining proper interactions between men and women. It's important to know that different Islamic scholars and cultural practices may have different views on this topic. Let's explore some of the benefits associated with a separated-gender society in an Islamic context.

Preservation of Modesty

Modesty is highly valued in Islam for both men and women. In a separated-gender society, physical segregation helps reduce opportunities for inappropriate interactions. This creates a more modest and respectful environment.

Protection of Honor

Separation is seen as a way to protect the honour and reputation of individuals and families. Minimizing interactions between unrelated men and women, reduces the risk of illicit relationships or misunderstandings.

Focus on Religious Observance

Separation can create an environment that allows individuals to focus more on their religious duties and worship without distractions or attractions.

Avoidance of Temptations

Minimizing interactions between unrelated men and women helps reduce the risk of temptation and potential sins.

Respect for Privacy

Gender segregation is seen as a way to uphold the privacy and personal space of individuals. Everyone's personal space is respected.

Preserving Family Values

Advocates argue that maintaining separate spaces for men and women fosters stronger family values and reduces the risk of extramarital relationships that could threaten the family unit.

Cultural and Social Norms

In many Muslim-majority societies, separated gender spaces have become ingrained cultural norms. They are accepted as a way to maintain social order and harmony.

In a small town in France, a young Muslim named Izzeddin Hamdi did something incredibly brave. He risked his own life to save 17 people from a burning building, including a baby!

The Terrifying Fire
It all happened on a Friday in Romans-sur-Isere, a town in southeastern France. Suddenly, a fire broke out in a two-story building. The flames were spreading fast, and everyone inside was in danger.

A Hero Emerges
But then, out of nowhere, Izzeddin Hamdi, who works as a baker, appeared on the scene. Without thinking twice, he rushed into the burning building to rescue the people trapped inside. Can you believe it?

A Daring Rescue
Even though the fire was raging and the smoke was thick, Hamdi didn't hesitate. He climbed up a ladder and entered the building through a window. One by one, he helped 17 people escape from the flames. He even saved a baby! What an incredible act of bravery!

A Hero's Recognition
Word of Hamdi's heroic actions quickly spread throughout the neighbourhood and on social media. People couldn't stop praising him for his courage and selflessness. Many even suggested that he should receive the Legion of Honor, which is the highest award in France.

The Firefighters' Perspective
When the firefighters arrived at the burning building, they were amazed by what they saw. The flames were already 5-6 meters (16-20 feet) high. Baptiste Devis, one of the firefighters, expressed his admiration for Hamdi's bravery.

"Israeli" soldiers shot and killed a child late Wednesday during a raid on the city of Qalqilya in the occupied West Bank.

The child, who suffered a serious head wound from a bullet fired by the occupation forces, was taken to the Qalqilya State Hospital and subsequently passed away, according to a statement by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Details of the child's identity and age were not provided.

Israeli soldiers raided Nakkar district in the western part of Qalqilya in the late hours, according to information obtained by Anadolu from local eyewitnesses.

The soldiers used live and rubber bullets and tear gas on the Palestinian youth, who attempted to prevent the raid by throwing stones and Molotov cocktails.

While Israel has not yet issued a statement on the matter, the raids were reportedly carried out with the aim of apprehending wanted persons.

Since the beginning of this year, the West Bank has been tense due to the Israeli army's repeated incursions into Palestinian cities, arresting and liquidating people it considers "wanted," as well as Israeli settlers' repeated attacks on Palestinian villages and towns./AA

Yesterday, a group called Danske Patrioter did something truly awful. They burned the Quran outside the Turkish and Egyptian embassies in Copenhagen. This act of hate has caused a lot of anger and sadness in the Muslim world.

Denmark Condemns the Burning
The Danish government is not happy about what happened. They called it a "shameful act" that disrespects the religion of others. The Foreign Ministry even said that this kind of thing hurts a lot of people and creates division between different religions and cultures. They want everyone to know that Denmark believes in freedom of religion and that Muslims are an important part of their country.

No Action Taken
Even though the Danish government is upset about the Quran burning, they haven't done anything to punish the people responsible. This has made a lot of people angry because they think those responsible should be held accountable for their actions.

Response from Iraq
When Iraq heard about what happened, they were really mad. The Foreign Minister of Denmark, Lars Lokke Rasmussen, talked to his counterpart in Iraq to try to make things better. He said that Denmark condemns these terrible acts and wants all protests to be peaceful.

A Change of Heart in Sweden
In Sweden, there was a man who wanted to burn the Quran in front of the Iranian Embassy in Stockholm. But he changed his mind. He realized that it was wrong and disrespectful to Islam. He even apologized to all Iranians for his actions.

An 18-year-old Afghan citizen was injured when several men broke into a refugee shelter, shouting xenophobic taunts. The perpetrators fled when other residents arrived.

Four masked men have attacked a refugee shelter in the town of Sebnitz in the eastern state of Saxony, police said on Sunday.

According to police, the group first entered the building through its back door, after which they held an 18-year-old Afghan citizen against a wall.

The four attackers then threw objects at a 16-year-old resident of the house. Police said that the suspects called out xenophobic slogans while carrying out the attack.

The men fled the home after additional residents arrived at the scene of the attack.

The 16-year-old was unharmed in the incident, while the 18-year-old was treated on the scene.

Police searched the area but did not manage to apprehend any suspects.

The security wing of the Dresden police force said it was investigating the crimes of dangerous bodily harm, verbal abuse and trespassing.