France: Principal Sends Student Home for Wearing a Kimono Featured


The principal of a high school in Lyon, France recently sent a student home for wearing a kimono, a traditional Japanese garment. However, the principal later admitted that the student's outfit was not an abaya, as initially claimed, but rather a long coat of a religious nature.

Discussion with the Student

The 15-year-old student was called in to discuss the incident with the principal and her family. Accompanied by her mother and sister, she explained that her outfit did not represent any religious affiliation, despite being a Muslim herself.

Principal's Response

The principal responded by stating that the school's regulations cover all outfits that show a religious affiliation, not just abayas. According to the principal, when a student arrives veiled in the morning, it is clear what their religious affiliation is.

Similar Incident

It was discovered that at least one other student from the same high school faced a similar measure for wearing a kimono.

Legal Action

The family's lawyer, Maitre Nabil Boudi, has filed a complaint for discrimination based on religious affiliation. He emphasized the humiliation and religious discrimination experienced by his client and called for urgent intervention from the judicial authority.

Student's Experience

The student shared that she was reprimanded in front of her entire class by a member of the educational staff. When taken to the principal's office, she was asked to remove her kimono under the ban imposed by the Ministry of National Education. Refusing to comply would result in her being prohibited from attending classes. The student refused, stating that her outfit was not illegal as it was not an abaya. The principal then informed her that she could not be accepted in class wearing that outfit.