Sweden Considers Making Quran Burnings a Hate Crime

By Agencies August 31, 2023 5165

Investigating Legal Amendments
The leader of the main opposition party in Sweden, Magdalena Andersson, announced on Wednesday that they are looking into changing the Public Order Law. This change would classify provocative Quran burnings as hate crimes. Currently, an Iraqi refugee named Salwan Momika is allowed to burn copies of the Muslim holy book in Sweden. The Swedish Social Democratic Party is exploring the possibility of making these legal amendments without altering the constitution. They are also examining whether Quran burnings can be considered hate crimes due to their potential to provoke the public. Andersson mentioned that Denmark's recent ban on Quran burnings would leave Sweden isolated internationally. The amendment is expected to be ready next year.

Quran Burnings in Sweden and Denmark
Sweden and Denmark have faced significant criticism for permitting Quran burnings to take place under police protection. Rasmus Paludan, a Swedish-Danish politician and leader of the far-right Stram Kurs (Hard Line) Party, has burned copies of the Quran in various cities, including Malmo, Norrkoping, Jonkoping, and Stockholm during the Easter holiday last year. Salwan Momika, the Iraqi refugee mentioned earlier, burned a copy of the Muslim holy book outside a mosque in Stockholm during Eid al-Adha, a major Islamic festival. He has also engaged in other provocative acts, such as throwing the Quran and the Iraqi flag on the ground and stepping on them outside the Iraqi Embassy in Sweden. Another individual named Bahrami Marjan staged similar acts on a beach in Stockholm. These actions have sparked outrage and condemnation.

TikTok Blocks Momika
In recent news, the popular video hosting service TikTok has taken action against Salwan Momika. They have blocked him from profiting from his content, likely due to the controversial nature of his Quran burning videos.