Malaysia: Anwar Ibrahim pledges sufficient funds to combat Islamophobia

By Agencies August 20, 2023 4364

Anwar Ibrahim says Muslims must gain a better understanding of the religion in order to explain Islam to other Malaysians.

The federal government has guaranteed that sufficient funds would be provided to combat Islamophobia by ensuring a better understanding of the religion, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said tonight.

Anwar said it had been proven that Islamophobia had led to imperialism, which was aimed at arresting the progress of Islam, Utusan Malaysia reported.

There was therefore a need for Muslims to unite and attempt to gain a better understanding of the Quran and explain Islam to a country that comprises people of various religions and ethnic groups.

“We will allocate funds and provide sufficient support for Islamic programmes and Islamic revival,” he was quoted as saying when opening the international Quran recital and memorisation assembly in Kuala Lumpur.

Anwar gave an assurance that his government would continue to ensure the well-being of non-Muslims. “We will protect the rights of all, including the non-Muslims be they Christians, Hindus or Buddhists.”