EU says Quran burnings in Denmark and Sweden don't reflect EU policies.

By Gamal Khattab August 09, 2023 5324

On Tuesday, Peter Stano, spokesperson for foreign affairs, confirmed that the European Union has decided to maintain its engagement in discussions with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in order to further promote tolerance and mutual respect.
This decision comes in response to recent incidents of Quran burning or desecration in Denmark and Sweden, actions which blatantly contradict EU policy. Stano emphasized that these acts were carried out by irresponsible individuals seeking to sow discord and create division among communities.
Despite such challenges, the EU stands firm in its commitment to work with the OIC to strengthen efforts towards promoting mutual respect and tolerance.
It is important to note that the repeated incidents of Quran burning and desecration in Northern Europe in recent months have been attributed to Islamophobic figures and groups, causing outrage not only among Muslim countries but also among the global community.
As such, the EU recognizes the urgency of addressing and preventing such occurrences through continued dialogue and cooperation with the OIC and other relevant partners.

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