“Al-Mujtama” condemns desecration of Quran in Sweden

   “Al-Mujtama” magazine condemns what is happening in Sweden of repeated insults to the Islamic religion and the burning of the Holy Qur'an with the tacit approval of the Swedish government, which invokes freedom of opinion and expression in an outright lie that has nothing to do with the truth. The evidence for this two-faced and duplicity is that if any person tries to burn the Torah or the Bible, the world will rise.

 The proof of the sincerity of what we say is what happened after the Qur’an was burned in Sweden for the first time (January 21, 2023 AD). A Swedish young man of Egyptian origin submitted, as a kind of test of the credibility of the Swedish authorities, a request on January 28, 2023 AD to be allowed to burn the Torah in front of the Zionist embassy in Stockholm. The Swedish authorities refused and closed the roads around the embassy and forcibly prevented him from burning the Torah!

 We, in Al-Mujtama Magazine, hold the Swedish government responsible for the consequences of these offensive actions, during which the Swedish flag was raised, and it was done under the protection of the Swedish police. We call on Islamic countries to fulfill their duty towards the book of their Lord. At the top of our demands is the expulsion of the Swedish ambassadors, the severing of relations with Sweden, and the cessation of trade exchange with this country that sponsors insulting the sanctities of Muslims. We also call on the Islamic peoples to assume their duty by boycotting Swedish products and brands that are made in Sweden. Supporting Allah and His Messenger is the duty of all Muslims, not just governments.