Muslims in Europe face both Islamophobia and racism: Envoy

According to Turkey's ambassador to the Czech Republic, Egemen Baş, anti-Muslim practices are on the rise globally and are particularly prevalent among Muslims in Europe.

Baş remarked, "The battle against xenophobia and hate speech about ethnic origins and religions should be the major agenda item of international gatherings in order to address multifaceted problems," during a conference held in Prague by the Czech Foreign Ministry.

"Muslims, who comprise the majority of immigrant communities in most European countries, are currently the main target of this approach," Baş said, noting that the actual number of racist attacks is higher than stated in official documents because many do not report the mistreatment they encounter on a daily basis.

"Racist and discriminatory practices in education and social life clearly cause immigrant communities to withdraw into themselves and stymie integration efforts."

Noting that immigrants are viewed as a security risk in Europe, Baş emphasized the importance of multidimensional international platforms in raising awareness about the challenges they face.

According to Baş, new platforms should be established where victims can report negative acts such as hate speech, xenophobia, and anti-Muslim attacks directly.

"I would like to reiterate that Türkiye actively supports international efforts to raise awareness for people who are subjected to violence and intolerant behaviour because of their religion or worldview."

While analysts think Türkiye can lead the fight against it, Turkish officials have chastised their Western counterparts for being oblivious to anti-Muslim sentiment and feeding the ideology. Turkey has often urged world leaders to intervene to stop the demonization of Muslims and has been doing so by taking steps to address the rising issue.

The West refuses to do action to combat the rising anti-Islamic sentiment, according to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Additionally, Erdogan urged Turkish institutions to act on matters affecting Turks and Muslims in these nations.

The Source: D.S

Last modified on Wednesday, 21 December 2022 10:54