Because of hijab, a Bangladeshi researcher exposed to abusive comments in Sweden Featured

The cover of the Swedish magazine Skogseko for its new issue, sparked widespread criticism on social networking sites within the country.

The magazine used the image of the researcher, "Mostarin Ara", a veiled Muslim woman from Bangladesh, who was interviewed by the magazine about the findings of her research on the best ways to preserve forests.

One Twitter user commented on the photo, "Now oppressed Muslim women will tell me how to manage my forest? A disgusting picture," according to The Combs.

The magazine replied in a tweet, “We have seen the awful comments and want you to know that we support you – don’t let this bring you down! We strongly reject racism. Being a Muslim, wearing headscarf is not relevant for the article. The news value decides what we chose to publish. Maria Larsson, Editor Skogseko

The researcher responded to the attack on her own Twitter account, writing: "Today I saw all the racist comments on the cover photo because of my hijab and the color of my skin... It seems that they don't want to manage their forests by listening to professional research and ideas that come from dark-skinned people and Muslim women." .

She added, "I got to where I am now with my hard work and efforts, and I won't let them disappoint me. I will continue my work despite all challenges, with my hijab and my beliefs, hoping that one day they will appreciate the work regardless of one's appearance."

Ara's response was met with positive reaction from Twitter users, with many tweeting in support of her and her career.

Last modified on Wednesday, 12 October 2022 10:55