PKK continuing its fundraising, recruitment in Europe: Europol report Featured

PKK terrorists are also involved in "organised crime activities such as money laundering, racketeering, extortion, drug trafficking," says the report.

The PKK terror group continues its fundraising activities in Europe, the bloc’s law enforcement agency Europol has said.

According to Europol’s annual European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2022 released on Wednesday, PKK organisations in the EU are coordinated by the Belgium-based European Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E).

The report noted that the PKK terror group continued its propaganda, protest, recruitment and fundraising activities throughout Europe despite Covid-19, and that money was collected from European countries through membership fees, sales of publications, special events and campaigns.

PKK terrorists were also involved in "organised crime activities such as money laundering, racketeering, extortion and drug trafficking," said the report.

The report said that left-wing extremists from the member states have traveled to northeastern Syria and northern Iraq and received military training from the YPG terror group, which is PKK's offshoot in Syria.

"Given the training and the battle experience acquired there, it is assessed that upon their return to the EU, such individuals have the potential to carry out violent attacks," the report said.

In its more than 35-year terror campaign against Türkiye, the PKK has been responsible for the deaths of more than 40,000 people, including women, children and infants./Agencies