Exclusive: A message from Muslims in Ecuador Featured

Ecuador is a Christian-majority country with followers of Islam representing a very small minority. Its population is estimated at 18 million from different ethnic groups, the most important of which are the Mestizo (mixed race of Amerindians and white race) 71.9%, Montubio 7.4%, Amerindians 7%, white race 6.1%, Afro-Ecuadorians 4.3%, and others.

The first Muslim settlers in Ecuador were mainly Arabs who migrated from the Middle East during World War I and from the former lands of the Ottoman Caliphate. They settled mostly in Quito, Ambato, and Guayaquil, with smaller communities in the provinces of Manabi, Los Rios, and Esmeraldas.

  Muslims in Ecuador are an active and open religious group that adheres to the practice of Islamic rites and has strong links with its surrounding society. Although Muslims constitute less than 1% of the Ecuadorian people, they strive to spread the light of God and the religion of Islam throughout Ecuador, and this is what we easily notice in their following message to society:


The future of Islam in Ecuador

Assalamu Alaikum

Most respected Brother in Islam

In this holly month of Ramadan 1444 / 2023, our prayers go directly to The Almighty Allah to Whom all the believers turn to try to get close to Him, to purify our souls, achieve God's consciousness and attain success in dunia and akhirah.

Our small Muslim community in Ecuador is now less than one per cent. We are in the lands where the old Inca Empire had its last capital Quito.

Alhamdulillah on daily basis our Muslim community is struggling to maintain our identity. Inshallah In the present scenario dynamic changes taking place now are navigating in turbulent waters. However, these changes will turn people to see spiritual alternatives needed to bring a new paradigm where Islam can open a new set of pragmatic solutions. Islam will conquer Latin America as the “Last Frontier” with its Mercy, regulations, and ethics. I truly believe only in two generations, Muslim demographics will turn into two digits easily, Inshallah. Then, in three generations the expansive capacity of Islam will make its work.

Latin American Continent is considered now by many, as backward and underdeveloped land. Same as the example back in history, when in the year 711 CE. the Iberian Peninsula was considered underdeveloped as well.

Well-known Muslim pioneers like Captain Tariq in Ibn Ziyad entered the peninsula with the support given by the governor Musa bin Nusair. No one could project this turning point in history. In a couple of centuries, Allah grants victory to the Muslims. Spain was the most successful intermixing cultural Islamic civilization experience in the western lands named Al-Andalus. Neither the Omeyyas nor the Abassies dynasties paid attention to going further west at that time due to the entrenched wars between them.

In the paradigm we all live in now, Allah made also exceptional characters with vision and determination. They can see the potential for investing in dunia and Akhirah. There are several factors, among them being the exuberant natural resources, as well as a great opportunity to educate Latino people on Islamic values, mainstream navigation between literalism and spirituality of the law, wisdom, perseverance, hope, and full trust in Allah.

Surely my brother with your right actions, duaa and determination you can also become a real contributor to bring the needed change in the Latin American continent to become The Second Al-Andalus Inshallah.

Yahya Juan Suquillo

Chief of the Islamic Center in Ecuador 

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