Nigeria: Kuduru Islamic Centre Graduates Students, Proffers Solutions to Social Ills Featured

Fifteen students of the Nuurul Huda Islamic Centre, Kuduru, in the FCT, on Saturday, completed a session of their Islamic education and were presented certificates.
Speaking at the ceremony, the proprietor of the school, Mallam Suleiman Usman, pleaded with parents and guardians to let their children acquire knowledge about God, saying with sound knowledge of the creator, most of the current societal ills would be a thing of the past.
He said, “Let your children acquire Islamic education; teach them about the Holy Quran, and the Hadith, and you are sure they will take the right path.’’ He also advised Islamic clerics to ensure that their teachings were based on the holy books in order to disabuse the minds of people associating Islam with violence.
He explained that “Islam is a religion of peace that preaches peace, harmonious relations even with those that are not Muslims. So the clerics should pass such teachings exactly as they are to their students.’’
He congratulated the graduating students, saying most of them had completed the memorisation of many parts of the Quran.
One of the graduating students, Raqeebah Salihu, commended the school for providing not only Quranic recitation lessons, but complete Islamic education, and so urged children, especially girls, to acquire Islamic knowledge.

Last modified on Tuesday, 11 October 2022 09:37