To Curb Frauds... America prohibits AI Calls Featured

By Gamal Khattab February 11, 2024 895


The United States Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has made a decision to ban automated calls that use voices generated by artificial intelligence programs. This is a big step to fight against fraud operations that use this technology. 

Why the Ban?

The Chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission, Jessica Rosenworcel, explained that some people with bad intentions are using these calls for different reasons. They might try to blackmail individuals, pretend to be famous people, or even mislead voters. That's not cool, right? So, the authorities want to stop these scammers!

The decision by the committee makes it illegal to use voice cloning techniques in these automated calls, also known as "robocalls." This is considered fraud because it tricks people into believing something that's not true. The ban is effective immediately, so scammers will have a harder time fooling people with their fake calls.

Concerns about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been developing a lot lately, and that's great! But it has also raised some concerns. People worry about how this technology can be misused. That's why there have been attempts to regulate its use. AI can create all sorts of content, like texts, images, and sounds, just by asking it. But when it falls into the wrong hands, it can be used to deceive and trick people.

Examples of Misleading Calls

Now, let's talk about some examples of these misleading calls. Scammers have been using AI to imitate the voices of celebrities, political candidates, and even family members. Imagine getting a call from someone who sounds just like your favorite singer or actor, but it's actually a scammer trying to trick you! It's important to be aware of these tricks and not fall for them.

President Biden's Voice

Here's a recent example that's really concerning. Some fraudulent calls appeared where the voice of President Joe Biden was used to discourage people from voting in the Democratic Party primary elections. This is a serious matter because it's an attempt to disrupt the voting process. Authorities are investigating this illegal act to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Protecting the Public

Now, let's talk about what's being done to protect the public from these scams. Last October, President Biden signed a decree to improve the regulation of artificial intelligence. One of the important recommendations is to develop tools that can monitor the content produced by AI. These tools will help detect and eliminate scams, ensuring that people are safe from fraud and misinformation.

The ban on AI-generated calls in America is a step in the right direction to protect people from scams and fraud. Remember to always be cautious when receiving calls, especially if they sound too good to be true.

Source: Agence France-Presse

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