Turkish Intelligence Strikes Back: Operation Spy/Necropol Targets Mossad Agents Featured

By Gamal Khattab January 06, 2024 3437


Terrorism and Violence

A Series of Operations

The Turkish National Intelligence Service has launched its fourth major operation against the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, since 2021, according to a report by the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet. This operation, called "City of the Dead," aims to target 46 Mossad agents.

A Strong Response

The operation is seen as a strong response to both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Mossad, who have threatened to carry out assassination operations in Turkey. The Turkish General Directorate of Intelligence, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, initiated Operation Spy/Necropol to counter these threats.

Cracking the Mossad Code

Turkish intelligence has successfully decoded the structure and methods of Mossad agents operating in Turkey. The Mossad strategically recruits both Turkish citizens and foreigners for short-term tactical missions. They use social media platforms and chat groups to post job advertisements or links, allowing interested individuals to contact them.

Once individuals respond to these ads, they are given various tasks to prepare them for their final mission. The Mossad maintains contact with its members through messaging applications like Telegram and WhatsApp, communicating solely in writing.

When it comes to payment, the Mossad employs intermediaries and direct agents to hide the money trail using cryptocurrencies and money transfer systems. They often deceive people into participating in money transfers by presenting them as illegal gambling or betting activities.

Attempts to Mislead

Mossad agents are assigned small and scattered tasks, including collecting information, conducting research, photographing targets, tracking, installing GPS devices, physical assault, theft, sabotage, threats, extortion, and disinformation activities such as creating fake news and managing websites.

The Mossad also engages in electronic activities, such as collecting IP addresses, hacking cameras, and gathering data on foreign individuals in Turkey.

Meeting in Secret

In addition to tactical elements, the Mossad has been found to meet with potential recruits abroad to avoid detection by Turkish intelligence and ensure the safety of its agents. They establish initial contact through social media and recruitment sites, using camouflage tailored to the recruit's interests and needs. Large financial payments are often involved.

During foreign trips, recruited agents are accommodated in comfortable hotels, treated to luxurious meals, and included in special excursion programs. The Mossad even subjects them to lie detector tests.

The individuals detained in the "City of the Dead" operation can be divided into two groups. The first group consists of people who have had telephone contact with the Mossad, while the second group includes individuals with financial ties to the intelligence agency, believed to have been assigned tactical work.

Source: Hurriyet