Israel Is Committing Genocide In Gaza: French Researcher Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 27, 2023 3730


  Recently, a French researcher named Ziad Majed wrote an article discussing whether these war crimes can be considered genocide. Let's dive in and learn more!

What is Genocide?

Genocide is a very serious crime. It happens when a group of people tries to destroy another group of people. But to prove that it's genocide, we need to show that the people doing it have a plan to physically destroy the other group. This can be really hard to prove.

Many researchers think that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza. They say that Israeli leaders have made statements calling for revenge and killing Palestinians. They also say that Israel is blocking essential things like water, electricity, and fuel from reaching Gaza. This makes it impossible for people to live there.

Understanding War Crimes

International and humanitarian laws have specific definitions for war crimes. These laws divide war crimes into three categories and cover all possible violations of the Geneva Conventions. These violations can happen during any military operation, whether it's an international or national conflict.

Some examples of war crimes include deliberately killing civilians, destroying their property, hospitals, and schools, causing hunger, and blocking humanitarian aid. Attacking cities or villages without any military reason, torturing prisoners, and using prohibited weapons are also considered war crimes.

Many well-known human rights and humanitarian organizations have reported war crimes in Gaza. Even the International Committee of the Red Cross expressed concern about Israel's actions, which go against the Geneva Conventions.

Crimes Against Humanity

Crimes against humanity can happen during or outside of military operations. They include acts like murder, genocide, forced deportation, torture, and persecution of specific groups based on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, or other reasons. Apartheid and other inhumane acts are also considered crimes against humanity.

According to Ziad Majed, there is evidence supporting the allegations that Israel has committed crimes against humanity. This includes their actions in the current war on Gaza, as well as in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, where apartheid-like conditions exist.

Majed also introduces new terms like "political murder" and "territorial annihilation." These terms describe Israel's policies towards Palestinians, aiming to destroy their chances of having their own state and targeting urban spaces to make them uninhabitable.

Some researchers even use the term "domestic killing" to describe Israel's harsh policies towards Palestinians, specifically targeting their homes to prevent them from having a stable existence.

Understanding Genocide

  According to the First International Convention against Genocide, genocide means committing certain acts with the intention to destroy, either fully or partially, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. These acts can include killing group members, causing them serious harm, subjecting them to poor living conditions, preventing births within the group, or forcibly transferring children to another group.

Ziad Majed argues that based on the evidence and reports, Israel's actions in Gaza can be seen as genocide. The massive bombings, direct targeting of Palestinians, and the severe physical and psychological torture they endure all contribute to this claim. Israel also controls living conditions by limiting access to water, electricity, fuel, and communication. They prevent humanitarian aid from entering Gaza and attack hospitals and ambulances, making it difficult for patients, including children, to receive proper treatment.

The Devastating Toll

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has reported some shocking numbers. From October 7 to December 11, 2023, more than 18,000 people, including over 7,000 children and 5,000 women, lost their lives due to Israeli attacks. More than 7,000 people are still missing under the rubble, and over 49,000 people have been injured. Around 60% of homes in Gaza were destroyed or damaged, and numerous mosques, churches, hospitals, and healthcare facilities were targeted. Tragically, over 100 employees from the United Nations and humanitarian organizations, including doctors and civil servants, were killed. Additionally, 86 journalists were also killed, sometimes directly targeted by Israeli fire.

Statements and Actions

Israeli leaders, like Benjamin Netanyahu, have made genocidal speeches. They have called the Palestinians animals and said that there are no civilians in Gaza. They have even talked about using nuclear weapons against the people there. These statements are really concerning.

Expert Opinions

Experts say that it is a clear case of genocide. The former Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court thinks that Israel's actions could be considered genocide. Many academics from different countries have also spoken out about this issue.

International Response

Several countries, including South Africa, Bangladesh, Bolivia, the Comoros, and Djibouti, have officially asked the International Criminal Court to investigate possible Israeli crimes in Gaza and the West Bank. This shows that people are taking this issue seriously and want justice to be served.

It's important to understand the gravity of war crimes and their potential impact on innocent lives. While the term "genocide" is still debated, the evidence presented by Ziad Majed raises serious concerns about Israel's actions in Gaza. It's crucial for the international community to address these issues and work towards a peaceful resolution.  

Source: Orian 21