Tragic Drowning Accident Claims Lives of 61 Migrants off the Coast of Libya Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 18, 2023 3019


 A terrible accident happened off the coast of Libya, where 61 migrants, including women and children, lost their lives. This incident was reported by the International Organization for Migration, and it's really heartbreaking.

The Accident

According to the organization, the migrants were on a boat that sank in the Mediterranean Sea. They were trying to reach the northern coast of the sea after leaving from a city called Zuwara in Libya. Out of the 86 people on the boat, only 25 were able to survive and were taken to Tripoli, the capital of Libya.

A Tragic Reality

It's really sad to hear that so many lives were lost in this accident. Flavio Di Giacomo, a spokesperson for the International Organization for Migration, said that this incident shows that not enough is being done to save lives at sea. Can you believe that more than 2,250 people have already died in the central part of the Mediterranean this year? Last year, 1,377 migrants lost their lives in the same area, according to the United Nations.

Repeated Incidents

The Mediterranean Sea, especially the region between Italy, Malta, and Libya, has been seeing a lot of these sinking incidents lately. Many migrants from Africa are trying to cross the sea to reach Europe, but it's a dangerous journey. We need to find better ways to keep people safe and prevent these accidents from happening.

It's really important to remember that these migrants were just looking for a better life. They took a risk and unfortunately, it ended in tragedy. 

Source: Agencies