'BTselem' Accuses Israel of Committing War Crimes Featured

By Gamal Khattab October 22, 2023 3235


Israeli Human Rights Center Speaks Out

  An Israeli human rights center recently accused Israel of committing war crimes. They're calling on the international community to step in and stop it right away.

What the Human Rights Center Said

The Israeli Information Center BTselem, which is like a group that looks out for people's rights, said that the international community needs to take action. They want countries to use their power to make Israel change its ways before more people get hurt.

What's Been Happening in Gaza

According to the Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, things have been really bad in Gaza since 2014. But recently, it's gotten even worse. Israel has been bombing places where lots of people live, like homes and apartment buildings. They've also been damaging important things like shops, electricity, water, and even farmland.

The Situation in Numbers

Since last Monday, Israel has been attacking the Palestinians in Gaza with planes and artillery. It's really sad to hear that 145 people have died, including 41 kids and 23 women. Over 1,100 people have also been injured. And it's not just happening in Gaza – there have been clashes in other parts of the Palestinian territories too, with more people getting hurt.