Fake ‘hunting licenses’ left on cars encourage killing Black people, Wisconsin cops say Featured

A woman who left racist notes on multiple cars outside a Walmart has been arrested, according to Wisconsin police.

Fake notes allegedly left by Cathleen Yauch resembled hunting licenses and allowed the recipient to kill Black people, WLUK reported. The notes included a racial slur and permitted the holder of the card to “hunt day or night. With or without dogs,” the TV station reported.

Notes were left last week on at least two cars, according to the Herald Times Reporter. Surveillance footage identified Yauch as a woman involved in previous theft cases, the newspaper said.

Yauch was charged with “making a terroristic threat with a hate crime enhancer” and bail jumping, the Seehafer News reported. She was placed in the Manitowoc jail on a $2,500 bond, according to the news website.

The Lakeshore’s United Visionaries, an organization “dedicated to bringing unity” to the Manitowoc community, shared an image of the fake note containing racist language allegedly left by Yauch.

“This wasn’t in Kenosha, or Chicago, or LA, this was on our Lakeshore. Here in Manitowoc,” the organization wrote on Facebook. “WE CANNOT TURN A BLIND EYE TO RACISM. Manitowoc is not immune to these moments of hate, and since we see it clear as day we must take action against it.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations also condemned the crime.

“We condemn any actions that threaten or target members of minority communities and urge swift action to show that Americans stand against anti-Black racism, anti-Semitism and white supremacist intimidation,” CAIR Director Ibrahim Hooper said.

Yauch confessed to putting the fake licenses on the windshield, police said, according to WLUK.