British PM Rishi Sunak Concerned About George Galloway's Election Victory

By Gamal Khattab March 03, 2024 2467

Sunak's Concerns

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who is of Indian origin, expressed his concern about the victory of veteran politician George Galloway in the parliamentary elections. It is believed that efforts are being made to undermine democracy in the UK.

Security Approach

Sunak accused "Islamic extremists and the far right" of trying to weaken Britain's democracy. He called for a stricter security approach to handle protests supporting Gaza due to the increase in hate speech in the country.

Sunak's Criticism

Sunak criticized the protests in support of Gaza, stating that while people have the right to protest and protect civilian lives in Gaza, they should not use this as a reason to support Hamas, a banned group.

Galloway's Response

George Galloway, in response to Sunak's comments, emphasized his opposition to violence and extremism. He recalled an attack he faced in 2014, which left him with a broken jaw, believed to be a result of his support for Palestinians.

Galloway's Victory

Galloway won about 40% of the votes in the by-elections for the British Parliament in Rochdale. He targeted British Labor Party leader Keir Starmer in his victory speech, holding him accountable for the situation in Gaza.

Galloway's Plans

Despite the focus on Middle Eastern events during the campaign, Galloway expressed his desire to form a "grand coalition" with Rochdale councilors to address local issues.

Galloway's Support for Palestine

Galloway has been a strong supporter of the Palestinian cause, leading international convoys to Gaza and receiving Palestinian citizenship from Ismail Haniyeh, the former Prime Minister of the Palestinian government.

Source: Reuters