Majority of Americans Believe Biden is Too Old to be President


A new poll conducted by Ipsos in cooperation with ABC News reveals that a whopping 86% of Americans believe that Biden, who is 81 years old, is too old to be president again. That's a big number!

Out of this 86%, 59% of Americans think both Biden and former President Donald Trump, who is the most likely Republican candidate, are too old. On the other hand, 27% believe that only Biden is older.

Interestingly, 62% of Americans also think that Trump, who is 77 years old, is too old to serve as president.

Different Views

Now, here's where things get interesting. The poll shows that Democrats and Republicans have different opinions about their candidates' ages.

Among Democrats, a whopping 73% believe that Biden is too old to be president. However, only 35% of Republicans think that Trump is too old to assume the presidency.

Independents, who don't belong to any political party, also have concerns about the candidates' ages. A staggering 91% of independents think Biden is too old, and 71% say the same about Trump.

Increasing Concerns

Since September, worries about the candidates' ages have been growing. In a previous poll conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post, 74% of Americans thought Biden was too old for another term, while 49% felt the same about Trump.

It's worth noting that President Biden is the oldest president the United States has ever had, and he will turn 81 next November. That's quite impressive!

Looking Ahead

As of now, Trump is considered the most likely Republican candidate to face Biden in the upcoming presidential elections. The United States is eagerly waiting for the crucial date in November, but there is also some fear and anticipation surrounding these elections. Many observers believe that this election is different from previous ones and carries various risks.