CNN Faces Criticism for Bias Towards Israel, Employees Speak Out: The Guardian Featured

By Gamal Khattab February 05, 2024 145


Employees Accuse CNN of Adopting Israeli Narrative

The Guardian newspaper recently reported that CNN, an American news network, is facing backlash from its employees due to its biased coverage of the war on Gaza. Journalists within CNN claim that the network's editorial policies favor the Israeli narrative while censoring the viewpoints of Palestinians.

Skewed Coverage and Journalistic Malpractice

CNN employees in newsrooms across the United States and abroad argue that the network's coverage of the October 7 attack and the Israeli war in Gaza was heavily influenced by administration rules and a topic approval process. They believe that this resulted in partial coverage that favored Israel. One employee even described CNN's coverage as journalistic malpractice.

Strict Guidelines and Biased Policies

According to multiple accounts from CNN employees and internal memos obtained by The Guardian, daily news decisions at CNN are shaped by strict guidelines set by the network's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. These guidelines include severe restrictions on quoting Hamas and conveying Palestinian views, while Israeli government statements are accepted without question. Additionally, any news item from the Jerusalem office must be deleted.

Concerns Over Editor-in-Chief's Influence

CNN journalists believe that the tone of the network's coverage was set by its new editor-in-chief and CEO, Mark Thompson. Some employees are concerned about Thompson's willingness to tolerate external attempts to influence coverage, as he previously served as director general of the British Broadcasting Corporation and was accused of giving in to government pressure in the past.

Lack of Hamas Interviews and Alleged Misreporting

CNN sources admitted that no interviews had been conducted with Hamas and its leaders since the October 7 attack. One CNN correspondent, Sarah Sender, faced criticism for repeating an alleged Israeli story about Hamas beheading children at the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Flood operation. Sender later apologized for the story.

Internal Conflict and Opposition

Some CNN employees claim that there is a lot of internal conflict and opposition within the network. They believe that certain individuals with an institutional pro-Israel bias edit reports, using language and phrases that absolve the Israeli army of responsibility for its actions in Gaza and downplay the number of Palestinian deaths and Israeli attacks. As a result, some experienced journalists are avoiding assignments related to Israel, fearing that they won't be able to tell the whole story.

Roots of Bias and Challenges Faced by CNN

Some CNN journalists believe that the network's bias towards Israel has been a long-standing issue, influenced by pressure from the Israeli government and allied groups in the United States. Additionally, there is a fear of losing advertising revenue. Over the past year, CNN has faced significant challenges, ranking third in viewership among American news networks, behind Fox and MSNBC.

Source: The Guardian