Potential US Withdrawal from Iraq Due to Escalation of Resistance Attacks

By Gamal Khattab January 31, 2024 162


  • Iraqi resistance factions are intensifying attacks on American bases, escalating tensions.
  • The recent attack on the American “Tower 22” military site near the Jordanian-Syrian border resulted in the death of three American soldiers and at least 40 service members.
  • Iraq denounces the ongoing escalation and is ready to develop rules of action to prevent the conflict's expansion.
  • Iraq aims to end Israeli massacres in the Gaza Strip and open safe corridors for aid.
  • A technical committee is working to set a time limit for the withdrawal of the international coalition.
  • Iraqi factions under the name “Islamic Resistance Factions in Iraq” will continue operations until the aggression against Gaza stops.

Escalating Attacks

There is an increase in attacks between Iraqi armed groups targeting American bases and the American side. At the same time, the Iraqi government is working to schedule the withdrawal of American forces from military bases in the country and end the presence of the international coalition.

A Deadly Attack

Last Sunday night, a drone attack on the American "Tower 22" military site near the Al-Tanf base on the Jordanian-Syrian border resulted in the death of three American soldiers and the injury of at least 40 service members. This is the first time American soldiers have been killed in the Middle East since the beginning of the Gaza war.

Concern from the Iraqi Government

The Iraqi government strongly denounces the ongoing escalation, especially after the attack on the Syrian-Jordanian border. They are closely following the dangerous security developments in the region. Iraq is ready to work on establishing rules of engagement to prevent further conflict and expansion, as these developments threaten regional and international peace and security.

Iraqi Warnings

The Iraqi government has expressed its concerns about the escalating tensions in the region. They have warned about the expansion of conflict and emphasized the need to end the massacres in Gaza and provide aid to its people.

Continuation of Operations

The armed factions in Iraq, known as the "Islamic Resistance Factions," will continue their operations until the aggression against Gaza stops. Even if a truce is reached between Hamas and Israel, the factions will continue targeting American bases in Iraq. However, if the war on Gaza ends, the operations against American forces will stop, leaving the issue of negotiation over the presence of US military to the Iraqi government.

Activating Understandings

The recent escalation has prompted the American side to accelerate the activation of understandings with Iraq. There are different views between the American side and the Iraqi factions, with the factions believing that the escalation will speed up the withdrawal of American forces. The Iraqi government, on the other hand, believes that negotiation is the key to the withdrawal and that it will take time.

The Iraqi government is taking a balanced position and relying on diplomacy to find a solution. They understand that the withdrawal of American forces needs a military and technical decision, and it will not happen quickly as Washington wants to maintain its interests and relations with Iraq.

Impact on the War in Gaza

The strikes carried out by the Iraqi factions have direct repercussions on the war in Gaza. The forces opposing American and British interests in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, and Syria have weakened the international alliances that support Israel. As a result, the American side tries to respond from time to time.