America Feels Pressure over Gaza Conflict, Washington Post Reports Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 18, 2023 3597


America's Growing Isolation

The Washington Post recently reported that America is facing increasing criticism and pressure from around the world, as well as domestically, due to the worsening situation in the Gaza Strip. A senior American official acknowledged that complaints and objections have been voiced by friends and allies of the United States.

Biden's Support for Israel

The report, titled "Biden's support for Israel may come at a cost to American foreign policy," highlights President Joe Biden's stance on the Gaza conflict. Despite acknowledging Israeli transgressions and pressure to protect Palestinian civilians, Biden's position may have consequences for his standing both at home and abroad.

Concerns from Partners and Officials

Not only are foreign partners urging the Biden administration to take more action, but some officials within the White House and State Department have also expressed their objections. They believe that America's leadership is being affected by the situation in Gaza.

Isolation in International Forums

The Washington Post quoted the senior official as saying that the United States is facing isolation in international forums, such as the United Nations. The U.S. has been almost alone in opposing Security Council resolutions calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Many countries want to support America's position, but public opinion prevents them from doing so.

Pressure on the United States

The official also mentioned that Washington feels pressure and has informed the Israeli government that this pressure is not beneficial to Israeli interests. The United States is exposed to criticism and complaints from all over the world, and this has led to a sense of isolation.

The Escalation of the Dispute

Last week, President Joe Biden warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel was losing global support due to its indiscriminate bombing of the Gaza Strip. Biden expressed concerns that America would lose its "moral leadership" in the world because of its support for Israel.

Political experts and analysts believe that Biden's recent statements reflect a significant shift in the United States' position on the Israeli war on Gaza. It may mark the beginning of major changes in the relationship between the two countries.


Biden's statements came after a call with Netanyahu, which seemed to widen the gap between their positions on the war and the future of the Palestinian issue. Each leader made statements that contradicted the other.

During a speech to Democratic donors in Washington, Biden criticized the hard-line Israeli government and called for a change in Netanyahu's approach. He described Netanyahu's government as the most extremist in Israel's history.

The New York Times also reported that Biden's statements represent a significant change in the United States' language regarding Israel since Hamas launched its operation in October. The division between Israel and the United States is becoming more apparent with Biden's remarks.

Source: Washington Post