International Cities Show Solidarity with Gaza Featured


Paris Stands in Solidarity

Paris is leading the way in showing support for Gaza. Thousands of people gathered in Republic Square, the first pro-Palestine demonstration allowed by the police since October 7. The demonstration called for a ceasefire and showed solidarity with the Palestinians.

Sarajevo Remembers Srebrenica

In Sarajevo, Bosnia, thousands of people participated in a pro-Palestine march. They waved Palestinian flags and demanded an end to the Israeli attack on Gaza. Some chanted "Genocide, genocide," while a banner read "Yesterday Srebrenica, today Gaza," referring to the 1995 massacre in Bosnia. The mayor of Sarajevo, Benjamin Karic, spoke to the protesters, drawing parallels between the siege of Sarajevo and the current situation in Gaza.

Support from Britain and Denmark

In Huddersfield, a city in the UK, dozens of people demonstrated in support of Palestine. They denounced the crimes of the Israeli occupation in Gaza and recited the Qur'an to mourn the martyrs. In Copenhagen, Denmark, thousands gathered to denounce the Israeli raids on Gaza and show solidarity with the Palestinians.

Belgium and Italy Stand with Palestine

Hundreds of people gathered in Brussels, Belgium, in front of the European Commission headquarters to show solidarity with Palestine. They denounced the war waged by the Israeli occupation on Gaza. In Bologna, Italy, dozens of people held a similar demonstration in support of Palestine.

Poland, Germany, and Sweden Join the Cause

In Gdansk, Poland, dozens of people demonstrated in support of the Palestinians. They condemned the Israeli occupation army's war on civilians in Gaza. In Stuttgart, Germany, activists broadcasted live scenes of a demonstration in solidarity with Gaza. Solidarity stands were also held in the Swedish cities of Malmö and Whitbury, calling for an end to the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Continued Protests

These demonstrations and protests are part of an ongoing movement against the intense Israeli bombing of Gaza. The bombing has been going on for 16 days, causing numerous casualties and extensive damage to buildings and vital facilities. The Palestinian resistance factions launched Operation "Al-Aqsa Flood" in response to the attacks by the Israeli occupation and settlers on the Palestinian people and their sanctities.

Source: Social Media & Agencies