Tragic Shooting in Florida Leaves 3 People Dead in a Racist Attack

In a terrible incident in Florida, a gunman carried out a racially motivated attack that resulted in the deaths of three innocent people. Officials have revealed that the gunman had a gun with Nazi symbols and even left behind a manifesto expressing his hatred towards black people.

Confirmation of Deaths
The Clay County Sheriff, Michelle Cook, has confirmed the tragic deaths that occurred at a store on Kings Road in Jacksonville, Florida. The incident has left the community in shock and mourning.
Location of the Incident
The shooting took place near Edward Waters University, which is a small historically Black university. This has deeply affected the students and faculty of the university, as well as the surrounding community.

Mayor's Response
Mayor Donna Deegan expressed her deep concern and sadness over the incident. In an interview with WJXT television station, she stated that multiple fatalities occurred inside a Dollar General store. However, she did not provide any further details about the victims.

Unacceptable Violence
Mayor Deegan strongly condemned the act of violence, stating that it is completely unacceptable. She emphasized that even one shooting is too much, and the occurrence of mass shootings is particularly difficult to comprehend and accept.