Sudan warns of flooding risk as water level of Blue Nile rises

The Sudanese Irrigation Ministry on Thursday warned of flooding risk in the Blue Nile following a big rise in the water level.

"The level of water in the Blue Nile river at the El-Dim station on the borders with Ethiopia rose to 550 million cubic meters almost close to the level of the flooding which is 601 million cubic meters," the irrigation ministry said in a statement.

The Ministry expected that within the next three days the rate of water discharged from Ethiopia will be between 450-550 million cubic meters.

It added that the rate of discharging water behind Sudan's Roseires and Sanar dams near the Sudanese-Ethiopian border is currently 450 million cubic meters, and alerted that a water level rise over the rate of discharge may lead to possible flooding.

Sudan's rainy season starts in June and lasts till October where heavy rains fall in this period, and causes annual wide floods.

On Friday, the Sudanese authorities announced an emergency in the Meroe Dam, around 400 kilometers (248.5 miles) north of Khartoum, in preparation for possible flooding after the arrival of unexpected quantities of waters to the dam's lake.

On July 18, the Sudanese Irrigation Ministry announced an unexpected rise in the water level of the Blue Nile due to heavy rains on the Ethiopian plateau and urged citizens living on both sides of the river to take measures to preserve lives and property./aa