Is Eni Stealing Palestinian Gas with Israel's Help? Featured

By Gamal Khattab February 18, 2024 2107

Rare Opportunity for Palestinians

The Gaza Marine field holds a significant amount of natural gas, offering a promising opportunity for Palestinians who lack energy resources due to the Israeli occupation.

Legal Warning

American law firm Foley Hoag, on behalf of Palestinian human rights organizations, sent a warning to Eni and other energy companies not to proceed with exploration activities in the Gaza offshore well, which belongs to the Palestinian people.

Violation of International Law

Israel granting a license to Eni to operate in the Gaza field was seen as a violation of international law by Palestinian human rights organizations.

Eni's Response

Eni stated that they obtained exploration licenses through an international tender and have not signed any specific agreements yet. They emphasized their commitment to operating within international law and safety practices.

Italian Government's Involvement

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Taiani tried to distance the government from the issue, stating that Eni operates independently according to market rules. He emphasized the importance of reconciling economic interests with international law.

Green Europe's Response

Green Europe's spokesman denounced the Foreign Minister's statements and plans to take legal action against Eni in an international case.


Journalist's Perspective

Journalist Alberto Negri criticized the government's attempt to downplay the issue and hide the agreement with Israel. He highlighted the lack of negotiation with Palestinians and the severe blockade imposed by Israel on Gaza.

Eni's involvement in the Gaza gas field raises concerns about international law violations and exploitation of Palestinian resources. The situation remains tense as legal actions are being considered to address the issue.

Source: Agencies