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Thursday,9May, 2024

Kuwait, Turkey reaffirm close ties

Amir returns home after state visit to Turkey, thanks President Erdogan

  HH the Amir Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah arrived on Wednesday, with his accompanying delegation to Kuwait from Turkey after concluding his state visit. “On the basis of the historic bilateral relations bonding the leaderships of the State of Kuwait and the Republic of Turkiye, the two friendly peoples and mutual keenness on part of the political leaderships in the two countries on boosting the friendly relations and the partnership, as well as on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of official relations between the two friendly countries, His Highness the Amir Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah paid a state visit to the Republic on May 7-8,” said a statement issued by Kuwait marking the conclusion of the state visit.

“His Highness the Amir Sheikh Mishal was welcomed as a dear guest of His Excellency President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was the head of the hosts at Esenboga International Airport in Ankara,” the statement added. Erdogan and HH the Amir held a session of bilateral discussions, followed by another one at the official level grouping delegations from the two sides. The talks were marked with consensus on issues of common concern and the necessity of bolstering bilateral relations in all sectors.

The two sides affirmed their pride in the distinctive ties between the two countries and peoples, and praised the level of commercial and economic relations and cooperation, namely the volume of trade exchange, activities by the Kuwait Public Investments Authority in Turkey and investments by Turkish companies in Kuwait.

They signed, on sidelines of the discussions, a number of significant agreements, memoranda of understanding in the fields of coping with natural catastrophes, free trade zones, housing and infrastructural sectors, in addition to an MoU regarding the strategic ministerial-level dialogue. Moreover, Kuwaiti and Turkish officials signed an executive protocol for defense equipment contracts and an MoU between the Kuwaiti interior ministry and the Turkish catastrophes and emergency authority.

President Erdogan, the statement continued, affirmed support for sovereignty, territorial sanctity and regional security of Kuwait, stressing that contacts between the two countries would closely continue at various levels. He expressed his appreciation of Kuwait’s good efforts and the pioneering role at the regional and international levels as well as its policy aimed at attaining prosperity for peoples.

Regarding regional developments, the two countries expressed concern at conditions in Gaza, the occupied Palestinian territories the crimes committed against Palestinian brothers and the catastrophic conditions in the occupied territories. The two sides expressed concern regarding the tragic conditions in Rafah in southern Gaza, where the residents were threatened to be relocated against their will, affirming the necessity that the international community, namely the UN Security Council, shoulder the responsibility for implementing resolutions that call for an immediate ceasefire, protecting civilians, ensuring delivery of humanitarian aid in the occupied territories and settling the Palestinian cause according to resolutions of the international legitimacy.

Erdogan decorated HH the Amir with the prestigious State Order in appreciation for his major role in boosting the bilateral relations. At the end of the visit, HH the Amir expressed gratitude to Erdogan for the warm hospitality and invited him to visit Kuwait. He also expressed good wishes to the president and the friendly Turkish people. HH the Amir also voiced his deepest gratitude to President Erdogan for awarding him with the Order of State.

The Turkish Presidency said on Tuesday Erdogan and HH the Amir discussed economic and trade relations as well as the Zionist attacks on Gaza. “Comprehensive talks were held on economic and trade relations between Turkiye and Kuwait during the meeting held on the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries,” the Presidency’s directorate of communications said in a press statement.

It pointed out that the leaders mulled initiatives across a variety of sectors, including the defense sector and the steps necessary to boost bilateral trade to $5 billion. The two leaders underlined the necessity of reviving the joint economic commission mechanism and increasing bilateral trade and investment to benefit both countries. They also discussed future cooperation in the areas of diplomacy, culture, health, tourism and education.

During the meeting, President Erdogan affirmed that Turkey will continue to support Kuwait’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and security and pledged to maintain close ties with Kuwait at all levels. The meeting touched upon the Zionist hostilities against innocent Palestinians in Gaza. “President Erdogan emphasized the significance of Kuwait’s stance against the (Zionist) oppression, stating that it is empowering to the Palestinian cause and that Turkiye has consistently pursued a permanent ceasefire since the beginning of the conflict,” read the statement.

Erdogan stressed the importance of developing cooperation between the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Organization of Turkic States. In this regard, he noted that Kuwait’s support for these efforts is important and will ensure the opening of new windows of opportunity. – KUNA

A Kuwaiti Medical Delegation Leaves the Gaza Strip in Tears

Challenges and suffering continue in the Gaza Strip, but in this tragic context, steadfastness and will in the face of difficulties are evident. In this context, a Kuwaiti medical delegation left a deep impact on the hearts of the people, as they offered a sacrifice full of sacrifice and perseverance for a week inside the afflicted Strip.

Arrival and start

The Kuwaiti medical delegation arrived in the Gaza Strip at the beginning of May, to begin providing assistance to the injured and injured as a result of the ongoing attacks by the Zionist entity. From the first moment of their arrival, solidarity and humanitarian cooperation were embodied, as the delegation toured between tents and shelter centers to provide assistance to the displaced, and performed delicate surgical operations on the wounded. And patients in conditions that require exceptional efforts.

Humanitarian work and challenges

14 Kuwaiti doctors from different specialties, ranging from general surgeons to jaw and eye surgeons, provided the necessary health care to the injured and wounded. Despite the hard work, the delegation found itself forced to leave due to increasing warnings of the occupation’s raids on the city of Rafah.

Farewell and pledge to return

Despite the sadness and sorrow, the spirit of giving and solidarity with the people of Gaza did not give up. Despite the sad farewell, the Kuwaiti medical delegation's message was not over, as they pledged to return again to continue serving humanity and healing.

Influence and interaction

The moment of departure witnessed an exchange of emotions and tears, as the scenes of departure touched the hearts of the pioneers of social media platforms. Arab tweeters reacted to the touching video clips, praising the Kuwaiti medical efforts that entered the besieged sector to provide aid and assistance.

Expressing thanks and calling for solidarity

The residents of Gaza thanked the members of the Kuwaiti medical delegation for their efforts and sacrifices in providing health care to those in need, expressing their hope that they will return again to continue humanitarian work and alleviate their suffering.

14 Kuwaiti doctors succeeded in performing 236 operations

Immediately upon his return, the Deputy Director General of the Society, the head of the team, Omar Al-Thuwaini, said in press statements that the team’s mission was to perform a number of urgent surgical operations for patients and a number of injured people, indicating that the team also supervised the implementation of a number of projects to support other relief sectors, especially the food and shelter sectors. Pointing out that the delegation's 14 doctors succeeded in performing 236 surgical operations on patients and those injured as a result of the Israeli occupation's attacks on our brothers in the Gaza Strip.

Examining 2,300 cases of patients in clinics

He added that the team conducted medical examinations for more than 2,300 cases of patients in clinics and emergency departments in the Gaza Strip’s hospitals, especially (Kuwait Specialized Hospital) and (Gaza European Hospital), and stated that the Kuwaiti team also conducted a training workshop on methods of organizing the intensive care room and how to deal with critical injuries. In the presence of the directors of emergency departments, the head of the emergency department, and the head of the university education department at the Gaza European Hospital in the Strip.

  40 trucks through the Kerem Shalom crossing

For his part, the head of the relief and projects sector of the association and the administrative coordinator of the Kuwaiti team, Mahmoud Al-Mesbah, said that the team’s relief coordinators were able, during the time they spent inside the sector, to receive 40 trucks through the Kerem Shalom crossing loaded with 20 tons of various relief materials, especially food, shelter, and hygiene supplies.

Al-Mesbah added that the members of the relief team also distributed meals that were prepared in the kitchen of the Kuwait Relief Society in the Gaza Strip, distributing about 5,000 hot meals, about 330 health care packages, distributing meat to 600 families, about 370,000 liters of water, and about 750 packages of children’s clothing and personal care, from which about 600 families benefited. 18 thousand affected residents of the northern Gaza Strip and displaced people in the Rafah and Deir al-Balah areas.

The delegation is crying as they leave

The pioneers of the communication platforms shared videos documenting the poignant moments of the Kuwaiti medical delegation leaving the Gaza Strip, with tears and sadness over the loss of the wounded and wounded who are still in need of medical care. The users of the You have honored us...and every Arab and Muslim is honorable.”

Kuwait Contributes to Supporting Health Care in the Gaza Strip

 The Gaza Strip, a region in the Middle East, has been facing severe humanitarian and medical challenges due to the ongoing Israeli occupation. A Kuwaiti medical delegation has recently arrived in the Gaza Strip to provide medical assistance to those in need. The delegation, consisting of doctors from various medical specialties, began working immediately after their arrival in the city of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip. They began performing surgical operations and providing necessary care to the injured, with the aim of providing necessary treatment and alleviating the burden of the local medical staff.

The Kuwaiti delegation did not limit itself to providing medical support only, but also provided humanitarian aid that included food supplies and necessary supplies for children and the sick. These integrated humanitarian efforts reflect Kuwait's commitment to supporting the Palestinian people in light of their humanitarian and health plight.

The Kuwaiti medical delegation arrived at the Rafah land crossing on April 30, 2024, and began its work at the Gaza European Hospital on the second day of its arrival. The team consisted of 17 people, including 14 Kuwaiti national medical staff, consultants, specialists, and nurses in various specialties. The association's medical team was accompanied by 7 tons of basic and necessary medical devices and supplies that doctors cannot do without, contributing to supporting the health system in the Gaza Strip.

The Kuwaiti relief medical team announced that it performed 40 surgical operations on the first day of its visit to Gaza, aiming to strengthen the health system and support relief efforts in the Strip. A relief convoy carrying about 5 tons of food supplies, detergents, and children's needs was also sent to the northern Gaza Strip.

The Kuwaiti Society for Humanitarian Endowment and Development sent two trucks of food baskets to the displaced people in shelter centers in the Gaza Strip. The aid from the two trucks amounted to 40 tons of various food baskets, which aim to provide the basics of food to displaced Gazan families with their children, patients, and elderly people.

These relief efforts come from the motives of Islamic brotherhood and to enhance the spirit of interdependence and solidarity among the people of the Muslim nation, in light of an unjust siege and war on an entire sector for more than 200 days.


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