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The Social Reform Society Celebrates the "Tenth Loyalty Meeting"

The State of Kuwait Celebrates 30 Years of Endowment Achievements

IICO Continues Support for Gaza Through the Kuwaiti Air Bridge

Al-Hayat Charity: Spreading Kindness During Ramadan

PM receives Kuwaiti doctors returning from Gaza

 Al-Sharekh: The Pioneer of Arabic in Computers Passed Away

255 Candidates Running in Nation 2024 Race!

A Plan to Restore 100 Kuwaiti Heritage Buildings

The Social Reform Society Celebrates the "Tenth Loyalty Meeting"

An Exciting Event

Last Tuesday, the Social Reform Society hosted the "Tenth Loyalty Meeting" in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The event took place in the Rawda area and was attended by the Chairman of the Society's Board of Directors, Dr.. Khaled Al-Madhkoor, along with other board members and many community leaders.

60 Years of Success

This year's meeting marked the Society's sixtieth anniversary, kicking off a new chapter in its long history. The Society is dedicated to continuing its important work and community programs to help build a better nation. Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, including the Board of Directors and sector leaders, the Society has achieved many great things in the past year.

Notable Achievements

Dr. Khaled highlighted some of the Society's most significant accomplishments, such as increased charitable spending by Namaa Charity, the completion of 137 activities by the Women's Work Secretariat, and the development of "Al-Muqatim" magazine for digital media. The Society also made strides in restructuring its media sector and creating a strategic plan for future success.

Diverse Programs

The Society offers a wide range of programs for different sectors, including education, sports, community activities, and advocacy efforts. From educational and sports activities to remote Sharia courses and social communication initiatives, the Society is dedicated to serving its community in various ways.

Gratitude and Hope

Dr. Khaled expressed his gratitude to everyone involved in organizing the Loyalty Meeting, especially Adel Al-Asfour, the head of the Loyalty Office. He acknowledged the hard work of those who have passed away and those who continue to contribute to the Society's mission. As the Society moves forward, Dr. Khaled hopes for continued success in serving the community and following the call of God.

The State of Kuwait Celebrates 30 Years of Endowment Achievements

Minister of Justice Commends General Secretariat of Endowments

The Minister of Justice, Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Chairman of the Endowment Affairs Council, Counselor Faisal Saeed Al-Gharib, expressed Kuwait's pride in the remarkable accomplishments of the General Secretariat of Endowments. These achievements have made a significant impact both locally and globally, particularly in community service and supporting those in need. The Minister highlighted the General Secretariat's role in advancing endowment work in Kuwait and praised it as a pioneering governmental initiative.

30th Endowment Forum Opening Ceremony

These remarks were made during the opening ceremony of the 27th Endowment Forum, which took place on Thursday. The forum, organized by the General Secretariat of Endowments under the theme "Thirty Years of Leadership," was sponsored by His Highness the Amir of Kuwait.

Contributions to Global Humanitarian Efforts

Minister Al-Gharib emphasized the General Secretariat's contributions over the past thirty years in supporting the less fortunate, both locally and internationally. Through endowment funds, projects, and initiatives, Kuwait has established itself as a global humanitarian hub. The General Secretariat has also been involved in relief efforts for those affected by natural disasters and conflicts worldwide, working closely with Kuwaiti authorities.

Recognition and Gratitude

The Minister expressed gratitude to His Highness the Amir for his generous support of the forum and ongoing backing of the General Secretariat's activities. He also thanked His Highness for appointing him as a representative at the event.

Strategic Vision and Leadership

Qualitative Leap in Endowment Work

Nasser Muhammad Al-Hamad, the acting Secretary-General of the General Secretariat of Endowments, highlighted the Secretariat's role in advancing endowment work in Kuwait. He described it as a pioneering governmental initiative that has set a solid strategy and clear vision for the future. The Secretariat aims to excel in endowment work at both local and international levels, with a focus on community development and cultural enrichment.

Regional and International Recognition

Al-Hamad noted that the General Secretariat's efforts have been recognized at the local, regional, and international levels. Kuwait was entrusted with coordinating the endowment efforts of Islamic countries following a decision made at the Sixth Conference of Ministers of Endowments of Islamic Countries in 1997.

Endowment Forum Objectives

The forum aims to showcase the General Secretariat's achievements over the past thirty years and its significant role in serving communities. It also seeks to highlight the cultural impact of endowments within and beyond Kuwait's borders.

IICO Continues Support for Gaza Through the Kuwaiti Air Bridge

The International Islamic Charitable Organization is continuing its support for the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. They recently sent two planes loaded with 85 tons of food to Amman, Jordan, to be airdropped to Gaza by the Jordanian Armed Forces. This effort is in cooperation with Kuwait Relief Society, Al Salam Society for Humanitarian and Charitable Works, and the Kuwait Air Force.

Commitment to Aid Delivery

The Charitable Organization's Deputy Director General, Ibrahim Khaled Al-Badr, expressed the organization's commitment to delivering aid to the people of Palestine. They have contributed to 37 relief aircrafts so far.

Ramadan Campaign

During Ramadan, the Charitable Organization launched a campaign called "Leave a Trace" to support the people of Palestine. This includes projects like sponsoring orphans, providing medical support, shelter projects, and more.

Financial Support and Partnerships

Supporting Humanitarian Projects

The Charitable Organization has allocated over 4 million US dollars to support 37 humanitarian projects in partnership with Kuwaiti charities and Palestinian organizations. They have reached over 347,000 beneficiaries.

Partnerships and Appreciation

Al-Badr praised the efforts of various ministries and Kuwaiti charitable societies for their support. He also appreciated the Jordanian authorities for facilitating the delivery of aid to Gaza through airdrops by the Jordanian Air Force.

Al-Hayat Charity: Spreading Kindness During Ramadan

Delivering Meals to Those in Need

Al-Hayat Charity Association has started giving out Iftar meals to people who are fasting and in need during the holy month of Ramadan. They began by providing 1,100 meals in Kuwait and in other countries.

Helping Locally and Globally

The Secretary of Al-Hayat Charitable Society, Dr. Khaled Al-Shatti, mentioned that they are not only distributing meals in Kuwait but also in places like Palestine, Yemen, Syria, and various countries in Africa and Asia. They plan to continue this effort every day throughout Ramadan.

Calling for Support

Dr. Al-Shatti is asking for donations from kind-hearted people to help those in need during this special month. He mentioned that Al-Hayat Charity is working on different projects like providing bread and dates, building mosques, and taking care of orphans.

How to Donate

If you want to contribute to these projects, you can visit the Al-Hayat Charity Association's website or call their hotline. Dr. Al-Shatti hopes that those who donate will be rewarded for their generosity.

PM receives Kuwaiti doctors returning from Gaza

His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Dr Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah received on Wednesday members of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society’s medical team which returned recently from Gaza where they had gone on a mission to support relief efforts. His Highness the Prime Minister praised the team of volunteers, saying that the Kuwaiti doctors’ team’s mission is a source of pride for Kuwait. — KUNA

Muhammad Al-Sharekh: The Pioneer of Arabic in Computers Passed Away

Muhammad Al-Sharekh, the founder of "Sakhr" company, was a Kuwaiti businessman who was born in 1942. He was the first person to introduce the Arabic language to computers. He translated various programs, including the Holy Qur'an, and made significant contributions to the Arabic language in the digital world. He passed away in 2024.

Early Life

Al-Sharekh was born in Kuwait in 1942 and grew up there. He later went on to pursue his education and career in various fields.

Education and Career

Al-Sharekh obtained a bachelor's degree in economics and political science from Cairo University in 1965. He then completed his master's degree at Williams College in Massachusetts, specializing in economic development.

He started his professional career at the Kuwait Fund for Development and later held various positions in different organizations, including the International Bank for Business and Development and the Industrial Bank of Kuwait.

Sakhr Company

Al-Sharekh founded "Sakhr" Computer Software Company in 1982, where he introduced the Arabic language to computers. He collaborated with Dr. Nabil Ali to lay the foundations for Arabic language integration in computers.

Under the Sakhr brand, Al-Sharekh developed programs like the Holy Qur'an, Arabic optical character recognition, and the contemporary Arabic dictionary. He also received patents for optical character recognition, automatic translation from Arabic to English, and Arabic pronunciation.

Al-Sharekh Archive

In 2016, Al-Sharekh initiated the "Al-Sharekh Archive" project to preserve Arab literary and cultural magazines online. The archive contains thousands of issues and articles, as well as a collection of Arab and foreign books.

Legacy and Awards

Al-Sharekh received numerous awards for his contributions to technology and Arabic language development. He was recognized for his pioneering work in introducing Arabic to computers and received accolades from various Arab institutions.

Muhammad Al-Sharekh's legacy lives on through his groundbreaking work in integrating the Arabic language into computers. His contributions have had a lasting impact on technology and language development.

255 Candidates Running in Nation 2024 Race!

Record Number of Candidates

 A whopping 255 candidates have thrown their hats into the ring for the upcoming Nation 2024 race. That's a lot of people vying for a spot in the National Assembly!

Gender Breakdown

Out of the 255 candidates, 244 are male and 14 are female. It's interesting to note that the number of female candidates has been decreasing over the past few years. Let's hope more women step up in the future!

District Distribution

The fourth district is leading the pack with 68 candidates, followed by the second district with 53 candidates and the fifth district with 50 candidates. Looks like the competition is fierce in these areas!

Candidate Concerns

Improving Living Conditions

During the nomination period, candidates have been vocal about the need to improve living conditions for citizens. They're calling for urgent action to address inflation, high living costs, and the need for political reform. It's great to see them advocating for the people!

Political Reform

Candidates like Abdulaziz Al-Bathali are pushing for political reform as a way to correct any issues in the system. They want to see changes that benefit the citizens and move Kuwait forward.

Challenges Ahead

Many candidates are highlighting the challenges citizens face, such as inadequate healthcare, poor infrastructure, and high living costs. They're urging the government to take action and make positive changes for the people.

Looking to the Future

As the election approaches, candidates like Fawzi Al-Saqr are focused on enacting legislation that will enhance the nation's stability and rights. They're eager to make a difference and move Kuwait towards a brighter future.

Exciting Times Ahead

With so many candidates running and a variety of issues being discussed, it's clear that Nation 2024 is going to be an exciting race. Let's see who comes out on top and leads Kuwait into the future!

A Plan to Restore 100 Kuwaiti Heritage Buildings

Government Initiative

Recently, the Council of Ministers in Kuwait assigned the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Literature to speed up plans to restore heritage buildings in the country. The goal is to turn over 100 historical buildings into tourist attractions to boost domestic tourism and create more cultural and entertainment projects.

Preservation Efforts

The National Council is working with the Kuwait Municipality and other organizations to survey historical buildings across the country. They are sending a list of these buildings to the Ministry of Finance for further action.

Cultural Memory Reconstruction

The plan to restore historical buildings aims to preserve the country's cultural heritage. The government is focusing on heritage, culture, tourism, and entertainment projects to diversify the economy and reduce reliance on oil revenue.

Maintenance and Restoration

The National Council has already completed restoration work on several historical schools, turning them into cultural and administrative centers or museums. They are also working on restoring the American Hospital, Sadu House, and the Red Palace.

Heritage Mosques

There are 51 historical mosques in Kuwait, with the oldest dating back to the 1880s. The government is prioritizing the preservation of these mosques and other important buildings.

Shipbuilders and Other Buildings

The Al-Ayoub building in Sharq, once used for shipbuilding, is being prepared to become a national museum. The old municipality building and Sheikh Khazal Palace are also undergoing restoration for future cultural use.