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Al-Islah Congratulates His Highness the Emir
Dr. Khaled Extends Congratulations
In the awesome celebration happening in Kuwait called the National Days. Dr. Khaled, the Chairman of the Social Reform Society, sent his best wishes to His Highness the Emir and all the people of Kuwait for Independence Day and Liberation Day. He hopes that God will bring lots of goodness and blessings to the country.
Haffadh Sends Warmest Congratulations
Abdulaziz Al-Rifai's Message
Another cool guy, Abdulaziz Al-Rifai, who is the Chairman of the Kuwaiti Charitable Society, Haffadh, also congratulated His Highness the Emir and the people of Kuwait for National Day and Liberation Day. He hopes that God will protect Kuwait and its people from any harm.
Kuwait Mercy Caravans 3
International Mercy Society's Aid Campaign
Guess what? The International Mercy Society is starting a campaign called "Kuwait Mercy Caravans 3" to help people in need in different countries. Dr. Adnan Al-Haddad, the Deputy Director General, congratulated His Highness the Emir for the country's independence and liberation anniversaries. The campaign will provide food, relief, and medical aid to people in countries like Turkey, Jordan, Yemen, and more.
Awqaf and Namaa Charity Secretariat
2,499 Students Benefit from Sponsorship
Namaa Charity, in partnership with the General Secretariat of Endowments, is supporting 2,499 students with their university education. This project helps students who can't afford tuition fees. It's all about supporting scholars and students inside and outside Kuwait.
Kuwait: What's Happening in Gaza
75 Years of Occupation
In Kuwait, there's a discussion about the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. The Kuwaiti Ambassador to The Hague, Ali Ahmed Al-Dhafiri, spoke about the violations happening in Gaza. He mentioned that the occupation has been going on for 75 years, and it's a serious issue violating international law.

The General Secretariat of Endowments opens an educational complex in Indonesia
Bringing Education to Indonesia
The General Secretariat of Endowments recently opened an educational complex on the island of Java in Indonesia. This project was done in collaboration with the International Mercy Society. The complex, which cost 120 thousand Kuwaiti dinars, aims to provide educational opportunities for students in the region.
What's Inside the Complex?
The complex covers an area of 1,433 square meters and can accommodate around 250 students. It includes a mosque, classrooms, housing for orphans and teachers, a kitchen, and a dining hall. This facility will serve middle and high school students in the area.
“Namaa Charity” concludes its relief trip to Jordan in partnership with “Al-Maali Club”
Helping Those in Need
Nama Charity, in partnership with the Al-Maali Club, recently completed a relief trip to Jordan. During this trip, they distributed 250 food baskets and 400 heating baskets to Syrian refugees. They also visited patients' families to meet their needs and distributed 100 food baskets to Palestinian families. Additionally, they visited schools and orphanages supported by Namaa Charity in Jordan.
Commitment to Helping Others
The Director of the Relief Department at Namaa Charity, Khaled Mubarak Al-Shammari, emphasized Kuwait's commitment to aiding those in need. Through this relief trip, Namaa Charity was able to provide essential support to Syrian refugees and Palestinian families in Jordan.
Promoting Volunteerism
Namaa Charity is dedicated to promoting volunteerism and encouraging community involvement in charitable work. They provide support and training to volunteers to enhance their skills and effectiveness in serving the community. Through educational programs, Namaa Charity aims to instill a love for volunteering in future generations and raise awareness about the importance of giving back to the community.

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