Expatriate State Advisers to Be Replaced By Kuwaitis Featured

According to a local newspaper, Kuwait plans to revise the salaries of state advisers to reduce spending and replace foreigners with Kuwaitis.

The Cabinet will ask different government agencies to explain why high bonuses are paid to advisors amid spending rationing, according to Al Qabas.

According to the sources, the Cabinet will instruct the Civil Service Commission to specify the number of advisors, particularly expatriates appointed to state institutions, who will then be replaced by citizens based on their needs and specialties.

“All plans aimed at relieving pressure on government agencies’ budgets and finding alternative sources of funding are supported by the Cabinet,” they said, including curtailing bonuses and official missions as part of rationalisation plans that will be implemented soon according to ministry schedules.

A new employment policy dubbed "Kuwaitisation" aims to redress Kuwait's demographic imbalance and replace foreign workers with its citizens.

Amid economic repercussions from COVID-19, there have been increasing calls in Kuwait for curbing foreign employment along with accusations that migrant workers are straining infrastructure.