Engage Students During the Summer Vacation

By Sheikh Ali Al-Tantawi June 27, 2024 232

I read in an old issue of "Al-Mukhtar" magazine an article by an American writer, in which he discussed the youth committees and their significant activities in America.

In Oshkosh, the business district of the city became so noisy with traffic and car commotion that residents could no longer work. This continuous noise almost shattered their nerves, and they appealed to the government to find a solution to this affliction.

The Chief of Police in the city pondered over this issue and found only one way to resolve it: to turn to the city's youth committee. He sparked their enthusiasm and encouraged them, saying: "This is an opportunity for you to serve your city." They accepted the challenge, and the committee assigned 200 of its members, aged between 13 and 17, to stand at road intersections for three days. They asked each driver for their opinion and observed their driving style, parking habits, and waiting times. They compiled the information they gathered and presented it to the Chief of Police, who, after reviewing it, implemented a new traffic system based on this real data, effectively addressing the complaints and saving the government $28,000.

In Madison, over 600 high school students were transported by buses at 7 AM to various alleyways and streets. They walked through these areas, collecting trash and debris from home gardens, streets, playgrounds, and squares. Their proactive effort embarrassed the residents who quickly joined them in cleaning up the city, transforming its grounds into a polished mirror.

In Oakley, the Director of Private Education requested assistance from the city's youth committee to transport several private school children to their homes. The committee accepted the task, and its members picked up the children from school and safely escorted each one to their homes.

Furthermore, in Ryne Lander, the youth committee established a work office. They discovered that hotels and parks in the city, popular during vacations and seasons, required laborers brought in from other cities. The committee aimed to replace these workers with local youth, successfully employing hundreds of them during the vacation period in honest work with good pay.


The Source:

  • Published in 1959, the book is titled "With the People."

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