Could ‘Al-Aqsa Flood’ be a New Dawn for the Arab World?

By Dr. Hassan Abdullah Hassan February 22, 2024 2507

The “Al-Aqsa Flood” embodied the idea of a “New Generation” for the Arab and Islamic Ummah, not to mention all of humanity. It resurrected humanity’s dignity, reviving its innate nature that almost perished. Following the path of this battle will ultimately lead to reconstructing the world on the foundations of lost justice and cherished values.

The concept of a “New Generation” implies a transition to a different life from before in its structures, systems, and essence. It signifies a shift from death and decay to genuine existence, and virtuous living. Our nation has endured decades, even centuries, of stagnation, but the “Al-Aqsa Flood” represented by a visionary leader, charted a path towards a “New Generation” after severe divisions and monumental failures.


“The New Generation” is embodied in constructing a comprehensive resistance project that provides an alternative to the dominance of oppressive forces

“The New Generation,” illuminated by the “Al-Aqsa Flood,” embodies the construction of a new comprehensive resistance project that offers an alternative to the dominance of oppressive forces over humanity. This project is essentially a guide for humanity, centered around faith and values as crucial elements in the Arab and human cause of liberation, independence, and guidance. It is further based on the innovation of the resistance project and creativity in the reality of the battle, exemplified by the “Al-Aqsa Flood,” Palestinian resistance, and the people of Gaza in their confrontation with the oppression forces of Zionist, American, and European colonization.

This century has the potential to witness the demise of aggressive forces (major and minor tyrannies), given the foundations laid by the “Al-Aqsa Flood,” only if the Arab individual invests in the resistance idea brilliantly presented by this project that even Westerners have gathered around. The Arab and Muslim worlds should capitalize on this idea rather than depleting people’s energy while serving colonial and inhumane projects. 


Evil Clashes

“The New Generation” is a resistance based on a belief in the justice of the cause, emphasizing the human duty to repel evil and asserting that leaving evil unchecked is a waste of the values of truth, unity, succession, equality, brotherhood, and freedom.

  The core of this new revival for our Arab and Islamic nations is bringing up a believer who repels evil

Nurturing a new human who believes in defending what’s right and representing Allah’s hands that repel evil is the essence of this new revival for our Arab and Islamic nations. It is for the world to live without oppressors and to grow under divine guidance.

If a percentage of Arab youth stimulates this model (the new transformation) over the next two decades, they will be capable of achieving victory over this usurping entity and its supportive reinforcements. This will be achieved by spreading this model in terms of ideas, principles, planning, and financing.

This model is an evolution in the concepts of defending the land and the battle between good and evil. We create the battlefield and determine its time, place, stage, tools, and conditions. Western and American military technology factories will lose half of what they have produced, prompting a reevaluation of military industry due to the development brought by Arab innovations in the defense created by the resistance. Meanwhile, the resistance will also innovate in what it has already developed. These ideas are insatiable, never boring, and endless because the act of defense is continuous and perpetual, and the same applies to creativity.

The forces of oppression and occupation cannot keep up with the resistance ideas because truth, in itself, is a factor of strength (possessed by the resistance). In contrast, falsehood, in itself, is a factor of weakness (intrinsically tied to acts of oppression and occupation). Truth is accompanied by sincerity, truthfulness, sacrifice, martyrdom, and values. Falsehood is accompanied by corruption, lies, forgery, deceit, and brutality.

A project inspired by the emergence of Islam and the life of the Prophet, utilizing the available resources within the believers


Resistance Concepts

The environment that we once thought was unsuitable for raising an Arab-Islamic generation eager to follow the path of the resistance and achieve liberation and independence has now become well suited. The aspirations and dreams of the youth are now tied to this path and this principle. The children of the Ummah are now continuously exposed to the concepts of the resistance: martyrdom, victory, patience, liberation, the Palestinian flag, and the voices of Abu Ubaidah, Abu Hamza, the “Al-Qassam Brigades,” the “Al-Quds Brigades,” the “Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades,” and the Free Ones of Jenin, among others.

The new model emerged based on the naked truth with no ambiguity or confusion about the path of truth and its distinction from the path of falsehood. Therefore, it spares no effort—intellectual, mental, and physical—in the journey towards truth and reality.

“The New Generation” did not waste its energy, nor did it give in to the temptations of modernity and the new intellectual and emotional colonization. It retained all its material, moral, and intellectual efforts to direct them towards the predetermined path of independence, struggle, and sacrifice for the sanctities of its Ummah and the liberation of its lands.

 The youth of the Ummah must be nurtured and inspired by ideas for guidance and liberation

“The New Generation” is a project inspired by the birth of Islam and the journey of the martyr and mujahid, the Prophet, peace be upon him. It works in an unfavorable environment, benefiting from the human potential available to its individual believers. It prepares their spiritual and faith strength to undertake the greatest acts of guidance and liberation, freeing humanity from injustice and aggression and presenting a unified model that transcends all models that have sided with evil and injustice.

This model is a new dawn that we have not witnessed before, nor has humanity on Earth. Perhaps it has been heard in the biographies of the righteous and prophets, but witnessing is something beyond hearing. It is a new scale set up for justice on Earth, adhering to a single standard of justice, replacing unjust balances of double standards that oppress all humans in their conscience, humanity, destiny, and the like.

This is a project in which the youth of this nation must be nurtured and inspired leading to guidance and liberation. This project grows the seeds planted over the past two centuries, but they have not yet borne fruit. Now is the time for these seeds to flourish, hopefully leading to a successful outcome, as stated in the Quran: “As a plant which produces its offshoots and strengthens them so they grow firm and stand upon their stalks.” (Al-Fath: 29).



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