Is Israel About to Dissolve, As Allah Truly Promises? Featured

By Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud February 11, 2024 1824


Israel leaped to the forefront as a dominant political force in the world during a critical time of imbalances when America took sole control, becoming the only pole governing the destinies of the world. America played the role of nurturer and foster parent to the crippled emerging state of Israel. America was the one that nurtured Israel with advanced technology, laser tanks, Patriot missiles, Phantom and Stealth aircraft, and tons of enriched uranium, from which Israel crafted its atomic bombs, all under American guidance and protection, silencing any protests or objections that erupted from all quarters.

Let alone nurturing Israel most dangerously, with forbidden secrets, satellite images of neighboring countries' arsenals, aircraft hangars, defense fortifications, weak points, and vulnerabilities, in addition to the billions of dollars and open financial guarantees, along with the most dangerous of them all, the political support from everyone. Not to mention the sinful and conspiratorial relationship between the intelligence agencies of both countries, the CIA and the Mossad. This wicked duo collaborated on igniting conflicts in every hotspot in Africa, Asia, and Europe. They conspired to poison the air and undermine relations among Arab countries, orchestrating the Gulf War against them.

The Israeli cripple found an already-made media platform and an enthusiastic propaganda horn to amplify its voice. We heard its voice screaming from the top of satellite stations, the furthest satellites, and the most powerful radio waves, all under Zionist control. Everything, from publishing houses, books, newspapers, printed materials, and periodicals, was in the hands of Murdoch, Maxwell, and their likes, who served the Zionist cause and the myth of Greater Israel.

No editorial was free from the influence of Chalom, Lesha, and Levy. The result of these exceptional circumstances was the birth of the shameless and violent Israel, as we all witnessed.

This was the result of an unnatural convergence of factors that coincided to turn a dwarf into a giant. The weakness, division, and fragmentation of the Arabs unwittingly contributed to the magnification of this dwarf and its cries, screams, and madness as if it were Sheldon J. Plankton, while in reality, it is much lesser than it appears.

Does Israel realize its internal weakness and hollowness? Does it recognize its internal divisions? Does the Israeli army realize its incapacity to face the challenges man-to-man? Some within Israel recognize this, but the boasters in Israel believe they rule the world, lead history, and are an invincible storm. They genuinely believe they are the chosen ones from God to dominate the human race. This racism is no different from Nazi and fascist racism, and this blind arrogance will lead Israel to its demise.

Israel does not distinguish between its own wars and a world war against it. In its view, the world should serve its objectives. Therefore, Zionism plans to plunge the world into a comprehensive war and a sedition called “Armageddon.” In this mythical and crusading battle, the entire world fights against Muslims in a war of annihilation, shedding Muslim blood relentlessly until Christ descends from the sky. (The Jews believe that what came in the past was not the true Christ, for he is the one who will come to support them and lead them at the end of times, placing them at the head of all nations.)

The Zionists maliciously introduced this legend into American Christian heritage, specifically within the conscience of some evangelical sects, who came to believe in it blindly. Ronald Reagan and many others propagated the tale of “Armageddon” and believed in it.

This congregation of blind racism, mythology, blind American support, directed media, drawn propaganda, arsenals prepared for demolition and collapsing, heaps of weapons and billions, hills of lies, and coordinated global deception, along with poisoned accusations against anyone exposing their plans (like Garaudy), is what awaits us in the few coming years. In the year 1997, a hundred years will have passed since the first Zionist meeting, and the year 2000 is on the horizon.

In their view, the promise is approaching. They rush towards their goals because the possibilities of the future are uncertain, lies have a short life, and hidden agendas are bound to be exposed. Moreover, America will not remain at the top for long as the European bloc, led by France, moves swiftly to compete, Asia rises, and the Chinese giant awakens. The poor of the world unite against American exploitation, and the distortion of Islam everywhere has been exposed, revealing the forces behind it.

Even America itself harbors lethal contradictions: terrorism, drugs, family breakdown, racial conflicts between blacks and whites, and the glaring contradiction between poverty and wealth. Ten million Muslims are forming a front, and a creeping demographic weight is against it. Hence, the Zionist slogan has become “It’s now or never.” Israel, the grand, now or never, and Zionism do not want to gamble on possibilities. It cannot risk waiting for more years in a changing world that shapes itself every day.

Therefore, I expect that the pace of events will intensify, and the coming years, perhaps even months, will be full of surprises. On the other hand, the Arab countries and Islamic nations, on a broader scale, are a bloc of a billion. I hope they have a clear reaction, a coherent strategy, swift action, and a vision for the future and events. They should not be like rolling stones, settling wherever fate throws them.

Just as Israel has allies, we must have allies. Just as it has supporters, we must have supporters. As it promises its allies with interests, we have priority to make promises, for we have oil and the treasures of the land. China is the greatest bloc that must be given the utmost consideration, as it is like us, a victim of long colonization, and it is like us, with a recent era of great awakening and promise, not to mention the rising European bloc led by Germany and France.

Above all, there is the greatest of all: our Creator, our Lord, the Owner of the World, who manages it with justice and wisdom. Allah did not create the creation to abandon them in vain. Allah only empowers the oppressor for a moment. The Jews had established nations before, committed injustices, corrupted, and destroyed; thus, Allah had destroyed their structures.

Now they have a new structure with new injustices and corruption, but greater this time, but it will definitely end the same always!


Source: Taken from the book: “Israel the Beginning and the End,” 1997.