Al-Azhar: Zionist Enemy has Turned into a Raging Wolf Featured

By Gamal Khattab November 01, 2023 4058

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Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, an important Islamic institution, strongly criticized the Israeli occupation army for its recent attack on Gaza. They compared the Israeli enemy to a raging wolf, driven by a

desire to kill innocent people, especially children and women. Al-Azhar expressed their concern about the lack of consequences for these actions.

The Jabalia Massacre

The statement from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif was in response to the Jabalia massacre, which occurred when the Israeli army attacked Gaza. This brutal act resulted in the death and injury of over 400 people.

The Silence of the International Community

Al-Azhar criticized the international community for their silence and lack of action in response to these atrocities. They compared this silence to the stillness of the dead, which has allowed the Israeli enemy to continue their violent acts without any restraint.

Prayers for Gaza

Al-Azhar called upon Muslims worldwide to pray for the people of Gaza. They urged Muslims to invoke the supplication of Prophet Muhammad, who faced similar challenges, asking for God's intervention and victory over the oppressors.

The Horrific Massacre in Jabalia

Al-Azhar's statement was in direct response to the horrific massacre that took place in Jabalia. The Israeli army bombed a residential neighborhood near the Indonesian Hospital, resulting in numerous casualties.

Denial of Hamas' Involvement

Hamas, a Palestinian political and military organization, denied the Israeli army's claim that they were targeting a Hamas leader in Jabalia. They called the Israeli enemy's allegations false and


High Casualty Count

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that the massacre resulted in approximately 400 deaths and injuries. They emphasized that this number could be one of the highest in recent times, as the targeted area was densely populated.


Source: Al Jazeera

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