Al-Ghazali to Al-Mujtama: Islamic Awakening is flourishing and spreading both inside and outside the Islamic world Featured

By Sheikh Mohamad Al-Ghazali May 01, 2023 2977

In a lengthy conversation with Sheikh Mohamad Al-Ghazali just a few days before his death in 1996, "Al-Mujtama" magazine discussed the following questions with him:

  • What do you think of the peace process with the Zionist entity?
  • What is your opinion of the jihad activities on the land of Palestine?
  • What is your position on what is happening in some Islamic countries (which were hot spots at the time) such as Sudan, Yemen, Algeria, Bosnia, Kashmir, and other regions groaning from their wounds, pain and blood?
  • What do you think of the Islamic awakening?

- The peace process with "Israel"

  We are not against the current peace process because we are against peace. But as I announced after the Madrid conference, the Arabs entered that peace process out of humiliation. They entered it while they were in the worst phase of their history and existence. They entered it while the Spaniards were celebrating the 500th anniversary of the expulsion of the Arabs from Madrid. Therefore, there is no peace, but there is “Greater Israel” and there are illusions of the Temple and the Kingdom of God in 1997 AD. And I ask in sorrow and bitterness... Why do many leaders shorten the lives of their nations in their own short lives? And I honestly say... that the increase in maneuvering and perseverance has not and will never run out.. but... who listens?!

Jihad on the land of Palestine

Jihad on the land of Palestine is the remaining hope. It is the correct performance of God's soldiers on the land of Jerusalem, which God has blessed. Zionism will never sit at a table, or listen to a word, except with such blessed jihad.

The Sudan

As for Sudan, despite some of the lapses that occurred from the people of power there, we can only pray for them. The arena is wide, and the repercussions are many on their heads. However, the Islamic choice has become the choice of the people, praise be to Allah.


  As for Yemen, it is meant to be a second lesson from southern Sudan, to allow Israel to possess all the Red Sea from one end to the other, to terrorize the Arabian Peninsula from one end to the other, and to place all oil at its mercy. The people of Yemen should understand this very well.

Isaias Afwerki and Algeria

I consider that the reception of the Zionist “Isaias Afwerki” on the land of Egypt is an inappropriate concession. As for Algeria, my grief over it is too great for me to talk about it. But the voice of reason has begun to rise there, and the future will be better, Allah willing.

Bosnia and Kashmir

Bosnia is the eternal lesson of survival in this time, and I wish we had ten men like Begovic, the intelligent, faithful, fighter. As for Kashmir and other countries that you referred to, they are among the remnants of outposts left by the armies of tyranny and colonialism that excelled in creating hotbeds of conflict in it and in almost all Islamic countries.

It is our responsibility and our destiny to pay the price for our negligence towards our religion over a period of three centuries or more.

Islamic awakening

Al-Ghazali says: “What I see is that the Islamic awakening is a reality, and that talk about its end and introversion is pessimism that has no justification.

An article in the New York Times was translated for me about Islam spreading all over the world. It tells that twenty thousand people with higher and intermediate education have converted to Islam in recent days in the United Kingdom. And that, as the reports say, they have chosen a kind of moderate spirituality that protects them from the harms of modern material civilization. And that they are preserving the provisions of God as stated in the Noble Qur’an. and that they do not betray their homeland, nor do they live as spies against it, but rather live an honorable life, and only good is known about them.

If it is the effect of the modern Islamic awakening in England, how about in other countries, such as France, where I know that a large number of people of pure French blood have actually converted to Islam, and that Islam is expanding, as other calls shrink, and messages are out of date. We see a real awakening, both internally and externally.