Grand Mufti of Libya Urges Islamic Countries to Boycott America

By Gamal Khattab January 02, 2024 5652


The Grand Mufti of Libya, Sheikh Dr. Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani, recently made a call to the rulers and people of Islamic countries. He wants them to sever their relations with the American administration because the US is supporting the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The Call for Boycott

In a television interview, Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyani emphasized the importance of boycotting the United States. He believes this boycott should include economic, commercial, and diplomatic relations between Islamic countries and the US. According to him, this is a duty imposed by Allah Almighty on Muslims.

Reasons for the Boycott

Al-Gharyani stated that the boycott should continue until the American-backed Israeli aggression against Gaza and Palestine comes to an end. He also mentioned the dire situation in Gaza, where people are suffering from hunger and lack of basic necessities. He believes that the boycott will put pressure on the US to allow food, medicine, and relief to reach the people of Gaza.

Condemning Silence

Al-Gharyani strongly criticized those who remain silent about the atrocities happening in Gaza. He believes that staying silent is a form of loyalty to the unbelievers.

Support for Palestinian Resistance

The Mufti of Libya expressed his support for the Palestinian resistance. He stated that they are achieving victories over the Israeli enemy. He also acknowledged the painful strikes directed at Israel by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza and the West Bank.

A Message to the Palestinian Resistance

Al-Gharyani addressed the Palestinian resistance, calling their fight a legitimate self-defense. He emphasized that it is a duty they carry out on behalf of the entire Muslim nation. He criticized Muslim rulers for abandoning jihad and the mujahideen.

Source: Al Jazeera