Israeli Historian Ilan Pappé: Why I Support the Palestinians Featured

By Gamal Khattab November 06, 2023 3365


The Conflict Within Israel

Israeli historian Ilan Pappé believes that the violence of Zionism is permanent, and this is why he supports the Palestinians. He expresses concern about the Israeli-Jewish community's unwillingness to change its position towards Palestine and the Palestinian people. Pappé suggests that there will continue to be a conflict between the "State of Judah," which wants a more religious and fanatical Israel, and the "State of Israel," which represents the more secular Israelis.

The Lack of Democracy for Palestinians

Pappé argues that neither of these states is democratic when it comes to the Palestinians. The "State of Israel" only offers democracy to Jews and not to Palestinians. He believes that the internal Jewish-Israeli conflict will persist, and although Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may become weaker after this war, the root of the problem lies in the Israeli Jewish community's resistance to change.

The Need for External Pressure

Pappé emphasizes that change cannot be expected from within Israel. He believes that strong pressure from the international community and the region is necessary to end the suffering caused by occupation and colonialism. He left his teaching position at the University of Haifa in 2006 due to his views and continues to advocate for external pressure to bring about change.

Supporting Palestine

Pappé wrote an article titled "My Israeli Friends: This is Why I Support Palestine," expressing his fear of Israel's colonial policies against the Palestinians, even as a Jewish citizen. He sees the broader picture of a colonized people struggling to survive, especially under a government that wants to eliminate the Palestinian people. He believes that the recent confrontation is part of a long history of Israeli violence, which has been a permanent feature of Zionism since the founding of Israel.

A Vision for a Better Future

Pappé envisions a de-Zionized, liberated, and democratic Palestine that welcomes refugees and builds a society without discrimination based on culture, religion, or race. He believes that force is not the solution and that this alternative will bring about a new era for the entire Middle East region.


Source: Al Jazeera