Alternative learning for Sudanese pupils during the war

By Gamal Khattab February 22, 2024 2544

Children's Determination

The kids in Wadi Al-Khalil town, are always one step ahead because they wake up early to attend a school under the auspices of the charity organisation, in the midst of the challenges of war and lack of formal education provision. The uniforms and bags the community is wearing can be interpreted as a symbol of their unity and determination in the time of adversity.

Community Initiatives

The charity school receives support from volunteers, either the local community members or the IDP(refugees who had resettled due to the ongoing war in Khartoum). Retired teachers are also involved as educators, counselors, vocational trainers, religious advisors, spiritual mentors, and integral facilitators in the program for the economically challenged students.

Supportive Environment

The school is sited in the little Wadi Al-Khalil region where it offers the children a safe environment for learning and growing. The building, that was donated by a generous donor, is a place that is home to all kinds of recreational activities.

Volunteer Efforts

Instances such as Rawan and Reem who were forced to drop out of the university and lose their jobs because of the war now help in teaching students. They provide students with courses in Arabic, English, theory of math, and Revelation, which enables them to keep up with the studies they miss.

Parental Concerns

Just as Manasek, parents wonder how their kids can succeed in the classroom amidst all those distractions. The center's courses serve to remind students of what they already know and also help them in the re-entry process into formal education once the war is over.

Challenges Faced

The education system in Sudan has been undermined by the war and the disruption caused has forced students to drop out of school completely Although other means such as e-learning might also help, there are infrastructural challenges as well as logistical problems that makes implementation difficult.

Government Response

Unfortunately, the government's decision to remain with distance learning rather than resuming schooling has worsened the situation, considering the fact that Khartoum's students are currently seeking education in other states.

 Schools have also been repurposed as shelters for displaced individuals, adding to the strain on the education system. Despite these challenges, the community's resilience and the dedication of volunteers continue to provide hope for Sudanese students seeking education in the midst of war.