Harvard Students: Israeli Apartheid Regime Responsible for War Featured

By Gamal Khattab October 30, 2023 2899


Supporting Palestinians and Mourning Lives Lost

A group of 34 student organizations at Harvard University has come together to show their support for the Palestinians. They believe that the Israeli apartheid regime is solely responsible for the ongoing war and are calling for a collective pause to mourn the lives lost.

Blaming the Israeli Regime

In a statement released on Monday, the students made it clear that they hold the Israeli regime accountable for all the violence between Palestinians and Israelis. They believe that after years of occupation, the Israeli regime is to blame for the current situation.

Decades of Oppression

The students argue that the recent events in Gaza did not happen out of nowhere. They point out that for the past 20 years, millions of Palestinians have been living in terrible conditions, like being trapped in an open prison. They also mention the numerous massacres that have taken place, causing suffering for Palestinians for over 75 years.

Support from Diverse Groups

The organizations that signed the letter include Islamic and Palestinian support groups, as well as other groups with diverse backgrounds. This includes groups like "Harvard Jews for Liberation" and the "African American Resistance Organization."

Harvard University's Response

Harvard University has issued a statement expressing regret for the consequences of the ongoing war and the destruction it has caused. The university acknowledges the emotional toll it has taken on the community and hopes to find humanitarian solutions to the conflict.

Backlash and Demands for Action

The letter from the Harvard organizations has faced severe criticism, with demands for the university to take a clear stance in support of Israel. Prominent Harvard alumni have denounced the pro-Palestinian statement and called for action against the signatories.

Call for Condemnation

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik tweeted her outrage, calling it "abhorrent and outrageous" for Harvard student groups to blame Israel for Palestinian terrorist attacks. She urged Harvard's leadership to publicly condemn these "vile anti-Semitic statements."

Support and Admiration for Activists

Despite the backlash, activists who support the Palestinian cause have received admiration and praise for their courage. Bloggers have highlighted the importance of education in seeking the truth and not blindly taking sides.

Activists on social media have also shown their support for the organizations, praising the educated youth for their wisdom compared to extremist leaders.

Controversial University Statement

Harvard University's statement has received mixed reactions, with some harshly criticizing the university for trying to remain neutral. Honorary President Lawrence Summers expressed his disappointment, stating that he has never felt as alienated as he does now.

Source: Aljazeera